IMEI Analyzer


Those are the right steps how to use the IMEI Analyzer tool:

  1. Click on a downloading link and get the Unlock IMEI Analyzer on your PC device by click on the download button bellow:
  2. Install the tool’s drivers on your computer and when everything is completed open the Unlock IMEI Analyzer.
  3. Now provide the name of the carrier that activated the SIM lock on the Unlock alcatel one touch fierce, the name of the country where the handset was bought, the IMEI of the handset and an email address you can log on to later.
  4. Click “ok” and wait for at least 10 minutes.
  5. After good ten minutes have passed check the email address and you fill find the unlock code send to you there.
  6. Get the unlock code and turn off your phone so you can safely insert a SIM card from a new carrier.
  7. After the new SIM card is securely inserted in the SIM card slot place the battery and turn on the Unlock alcatel one touch fierce mobile phone device again.
  8. The Android smart phone will ask of you to enter an authorization code, which is another term for an unlock code. So, here you enter the unlock code you got on your email and after you are sure you got it right, click “ok”.
  9. You can now use your Unlock IMEI Analyzer on any GSM network in your country or in any country you will ever go to.

The SIM unlock that the Unlock IMEI Analyzer offers is very similar if not identical to the official unlock offered by the carriers. Both methods use the same unlock code and that is why the SIM unlock by both methods is permanent and forever.

If you decide to use other tools the lock will be or temporary nature and every time you reset your device the lock will be back on. This will never happen with the free and easy-to-use Unlock IMEI Analyzer, so you should all get it ASAP!

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