Tips & Tricks To Sell An Old Samsung Galaxy J5 For Maximum Returns


Equipped with and an octa-core processor, 16 GB of storage, and a good camera, the Samsung J5 is one of the most popular devices created by the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung. But in the past year many new phones, with terrible speeds, greater memory space, better cameras, and large displays have been launched. You would definitely like to upgrade to a new phone that would give you greater efficiency towards your smartphone tasks (of professional as well as personal nature) and would give to you a better multimedia and video watching experience as well.

Samsung devices are known for their sturdy builds and long life, and hence you do not need to bother when you wish to sell a somewhat old Samsung phone. Samsung phones can offer you good resale money value, as they are preferred by millions of smartphone buyers worldwide. Many new smartphone buyers would like to buy your Samsung phone, and some who would be using the cheaper handsets would also like to buy a more premium device from one of the best Smartphone manufacturers.

Selling your own old phone is also a business deal and you would like to get maximum returns on it. Here are some tricks and ways that will help you get maximum returns when you wish to sell Samsung J5 that has been used earlier.

  • Clean your phone

A clean and shining device is more appealing to the prospective customer. You can use a phone cleaning solution and clean your device. You should especially clean its display, camera, panel, and other visible parts so that it shines and looks like new. Do not use the phone any further after cleaning it for selling purpose.

  • Get the phone repaired for minor damages

You can also get the phone repaired for all its minor damages at the service centre near you. If the phone is in the warranty period, you would have to spend nothing towards getting your phone overhauled, serviced, and repaired. This would increase the second-hand/resale value of your phone, and you will get a better price when you try to sell Samsung J5 online or offline.

  • Search for venues online

There are a few leading websites on the Internet that offer you good amounts of money for your old phone. You will have to provide these online phone resale websites details about your phone. You will have to tell them the “make” and “model” number of your phone, and will also have to state them the current condition of your phone. Approach a few websites and find out which one offers to you the highest price for your phone.

  • List your phone on online classified websites

You can sell your phone directly to a customer by listing it on the online classified websites. You can put a price for your phone yourself, and can also bargain later to reach to a deal. This old-phone sale process requires lots of time in many instances.

  • Sell the phone offline

You can also ask your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and others to know if anyone in the social/family circle needs a phone at a lower price than its original market value. There can also be other shops and businesses in your area that might be dealing with the sale/purchase of old phones. You might get some information and can pursue your goal.

The leading online phone resale websites have an established business base, and a number of prospects and customers who can buy your phone instantly, and in the least amount of time. Hence it is better if you sell your old phone to a website that specialises in this particular business.

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