Internet: Connecting people


No one in this world have any existence without internet connection these days. Internet is no more a source of entertainment but has become a need in today’s world. Ever thought of your life without internet? Below are some of the things people often do on internet and have almost become a daily routine:-

  • Connecting to the world through social networking

People all around the world are easily connected to each other using internet. There are many social networking platforms available these days for connecting to your friends and family. People often share stories n these platforms in order to notify others about their life events. For example going for a movie or trip, you can tag your friends who all are with you and let others know that this is what you did on the weekend, or this is what you are planning to do in the coming days.

  • Global News

With internet there is no part on this planet which cannot be connected through internet, using Google earth you can see in almost any part of the world. You can easily know what is going in the other parts of the world other than your own country. You surely can know that which country is developing what technology and who is leading in what fields. You can have access to every news on internet about any corners in this world.

  • Entertainment

Entertainment is one thing no one wants to miss. People might not have interest in the news or in knowing about what’s going on in the world but everyone wants to be entertained. There are many modes through which you can be entertained on the internet, for example you can watch videos, read books you like and much more. There are no limits to the entertainment sector on internet. Vidmate is one app that you can use to download videos from almost any internet platform. You can download videos too see them later when free. There are places where you might not get very good network, your videos might buffer bit, no worries you can download the videos now from any sites using this app.

  • Weather forecast

You might want to know the weather forecast before making plans for an outing. You would never want a bad weather while you have planned your weekend for a tour. You can easily be confident about the weather and can make plans about your outing with friends or family. Through internet you can easily predict the weather for not only the next day but also for the whole week or the coming month. So it has helped a lot.

There is nothing which you cannot do using internet, you can know almost every thing that ever had existence on the planet or even that never had. You can know what scientists are building these days, you can share your feelings about any topics openly on the internet. You can reach out for any books you are interested in. There is nothing that you would not get on the internet.

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