Plagiarism in High School: An Alarming Fact


Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. Academic institutions do not allow this to be done by students or even faculty members as they write they respective research papers or even home works or written assignments. In fact, authorities are beginning large scale programs and endeavors that would combat plagiarism due to the alarming facts in plagiarism cases especially among high school students.

One Study On Plagiarism Cases

One study surveyed approximately 43,000 high school students in both private and public schools. The study is somehow legitimate because it made sure that the sample was a random sample or a probability sample so that valid inferences can be drawn from it. Now, the estimation techniques employed in this study found out that fifty nine percent of these high school students admit to cheating during a test. About thirty four of these students said that they have done it more than two times.

Another result that was found out by this study was that one out of three high school students said that they have plagiarized a paper for their written assignment or project.

The results of this study is alarming because it shows the fact that majority of the students are cheating. Plagiarism is even more evident since 1 out of 3 students admit to doing it. This conclusion must lead to action. Academic institutions should do their best to teach students why they should not plagiarize and how they can avoid themselves from committing plagiarism.

Another Similar Study

A similar study was also done wherein 24,000 students were surveyed from 70 high schools. The result of this study found out that sixty four percent of students admit to cheating wherein fifty eight percent of them have committed plagiarism and 95 percent of them have admitted to have done some form of cheating. Imagine that? 95 percent of students have committed plagiarism. It is almost 100 percent or everyone. Where is the integrity in high school nowadays?

Now, as sad as it may sound, even though continuous efforts are being made by academic institutions in order to combat plagiarism, the problem is still rampant. Perhaps there is a need to incorporate an alternative or complementary thing to be able to combat plagiarism aside from the classical methods of teaching and informing the students about plagiarism, why they should avoid it, and how they can avoid it.

For instance, one probably effective way is to use a plagiarism check website. This website contains a tool that you can specifically use to combat plagiarism. This tool can scan millions of webpages on the internet to look for contents similar to yours. It will then indicate the percent originality of your paper as well as the parts that have exactly similar ones on the internet. You only need to copy and then paste the content that you want to check in the field allotted by the tool. Students may be assisted by such a tool for them to combat plagiarism.

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