Purchase Reputed Brand AUSTAR AX5S For RC Cars & Boats


If you are looking for the best and high-quality remote control for RC cars and boats, then you landed on the right place.  At present, there are a countless number of products developed by large reputed organization mainly for remote control cars & boats.  Aside from those endless choices, it will be somewhat compacted for individuals to choose the right and reputed brand. If you are also one among them, then you came to the ideal destination which helps you to choose the right and well suitable product. The AUSTAR AX5S is the exact product manufactured for remote control cars as well as boats to get a high-performance result.  Besides, possess excellent active and also passive anti-jamming abilities. It consumes very low power consumptions as well as great receiving sensitivity.  On the other side, it also has different speed limit operations. Now, let the newcomer can easily control the car or boats within restricted speed range due to it has a throttle limit switch on it to provide limited speed.

Features of AUSTAR AX5S

 The product comes with excellent features when estimated with other product.  Just go through remaining following points to gather more additional information about Car & Boat Transmitters & Receivers. These are the major creative features which make this product to stand out pinnacle from other RC remote control for cars and boats.

  • The 3CH remote control for RC cars as well as boats functions among 2.400GHZ to 2.4835GHz frequencies split into 160 waves bands.
  • On the other hand, it encloses the whole band width of an antenna bandwidth array adopts Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System (AFHDS).
  • There is also high obtaining sensitivity 3CH remote control for both RC cars & boats.
  • This remote control for RC boats and cars is a lively as well as inert blocking abilities
  • Of course, this remote control for RC consumes only less power and also has stable performance.
  • There is also built in the design of an antenna in the transmitter.
  • The transmitter is powered throughout 4start AA battery capacity

Specifications of Transmitter

If you make a decision to buy these kinds of an excellent quality transmitter, then it is highly essential for you to prefer the reliable and trusted platform to place your order.  There is an enormous amount of resource available aside from that you need to choose the best site to get high quality and durable products. The product model type is RC car/boat, and also RF range is about 2.4 to 2.48GHz. There is also a low voltage warning low than 3.5 V.   Moreover, it is powered by 4* AA battery and has a display mode of LED indicator. The weight of this product is only 262g so that everybody can easily carry it whether they go due to it is designed in a portable manner. In fact, you just put this product in your travel bag, and you can take it anywhere. The size of this product is about 15.6 * 22.3 * 9.4cm.

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