What Are the Best Ways to Keep Your Children Safe on Snapchat?


Snapchat is one social media app children can’t stop talking about. Apart from gushing about the app, they just can’t stop themselves from using it and has made it an integral part of their lives. Snapchat became popular so much so that different ways for Snapchat hack online started to surface.

Before we talk about the ways that can be used to keeping children safe and secure on the app, let us first give you a quick overview of the app and why it has become insanely popular among the youth.

An Introduction to Snapchat

Snapchat was the first of a kind picture-messaging app that became a worldwide phenomenon, boasting over 100 million daily users globally. This app allows users to communicate with each other through pictures and videos taken on their mobile devices.

With the help of the “story” feature, users can post a picture or video and share them with their followers to see for up to 24 hours. After this time period, the shared content disappears automatically.

Given the presence of numerous online threats, it is quite important that parents should know how this app works and how their children can stay safe on its platform. Young children are exposed to various online perils when they are using the app.

Best Ways to Keep Children Safe on Snapchat

Below, we have listed down some best ways in which parents can keep their children safe on Snapchat. Alongside, we will also discuss some of the reason why children should be extremely vigilant before delving into the mind-boggling world of Snapchat.

Do Not Let It Become an Addiction

One of the best ways of keeping your children safe on Snapchat is to not let them become highly addicted to it. Children should bear in mind that Snapchat is not their regular video game which they can keep playing on and off.

It is neither a traditional method of social media. In fact, it serves to be a picture-messaging app that allows users to communicate with their friends and family. Since the app is available for free, almost anyone, including children and teens can download the app on their smartphones and get the hang of it pretty soon.

When you start realizing your children are becoming addicted to the app, you can put time restraints on the use of the app. Allow them to use the app only for limited hours so they can focus on other activities as well. In some cases, parents can also adopt hack Snapchat password techniques to keep a close eye on their children’s Snapchat activities.

Be Careful of Discretion

Discretion is a factor that is widely publicized by many social media platforms, particularly Snapchat that puts a time limit on the snaps and videos being visible to the followers.

Despite having a time limit on the snaps shared on the app, there are some features, such as screen capture that allows people to take a screenshot of someone’s snap as soon as they open it. It is true that discretion on the web is quite difficult to guarantee, therefore children should keep this in mind when they are snapping with other people on the app.

Parents should teach their children to not share anything on the app that’s inappropriate as there is a possibility someone saves their snaps by taking a screenshot of them and then use the same content against them.

Adjust Your Privacy Settings

Another best way to help your children stay protected on Snapchat is to adjust their privacy settings. Snapchat provides privacy settings which let your child control who views their snaps and who can send them snaps.

If you are concerned about your child’s privacy on the app, then you can help them adjust the privacy settings on their device. Here is how you can get it done:

·         First of all, open and log in to your child’s Snapchat

·         Access their profile by clicking on the ghost icon at the top center of their phone screen

·         Access settings by tapping the gear icon present at the top right of their phone screen

·         Search for “Who Can…” heading in the settings

·         Choose “View My Story” or “Send Me Snaps” and select between Everyone and My Friends

Block or Report Unwanted People

You would be pleased to know that Snapchat also allows users to block or report unwanted individuals on the app. This is a significant point that parents can make to their snap-happy child.

If a child comes across someone who makes them feel uncomfortable or disturbed, they can easily block them on the app altogether. The block option becomes visible as soon as you view someone’s Snapchat profile.

All your child needs to do is click on the individual’s Snapchat profile and block them. Your child can also state the reason as to why they have blocked a particular person such as not knowing them in real life or receiving inappropriate messages and snaps from them.

Snapchat’s popularity is growing exponentially, thanks to its incredible marketing strategies. As its popularity will grow, the safety risks associated with the app will only tend to increase. The best approach for keeping children safe on the app is using Snapchat monitoring tools that can help parents keep an eye on their children’s online activities around the clock. 

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