Essential Specifics when leasing for a Dedicated Server


When you are planning to sign-up for hosting solutions, at times, you find yourself very unsure the one that well fits you in features and on budget. Ezee Hosting offers a variety, both the shared and dedicated servers. The dedicated is the bets for a large business as it enhances scalability to see a high performance. Shared server hosts are also suitable for medium size websites depending on traffic to handle and the functionality. Do you know that dedicated server is more efficient compared to a VPS server? One can upgrade from a VPS hosting to dedicated hosting when the need arises – as long as the service provider is the same. Data migrations are done from current account to your newly leased server. Also, both dedicated server can be upgraded with Premium DNS to boost performance and increase security features.

When you choose a dedicated server, you enjoy top levels of control, email stability, and performance. Are running an online shopping site where you want to manage substantial incoming traffic?

Here are essential tips to check when leasing for a dedicated server in  UK.

  1. Hardware that influence server performance requirements

What is your expected performance level? How many users do you expect online? How many servers do you need?

  • CPU –How many processor or cores are available? Get to choose the number of cores and processors needed by your server. Processor speeds of 2.6 GHz prove very useful. More core leads to faster processing power.
  • RAM – Choose a server with more RAM like 64GB to match with high processing speeds from CPU. The server will influence RAM selection. To achieve robust database performance, choose a DDR-4 RAM technology.
  • Hard Disk – Does the server have a RAID setup? RAID for hard drive ensures protection against any failure when a single server fails. Ezee Hosting in the UK employs the hardware-based RAID technology as compared to the software-based RAID by other host providers hence upscales on the server reliability.

  • How is the bandwidth?

Check to see the packages offers unlimited bandwidth. This type of bandwidth implies that you can upload or download large data files without restrictions. Unlimited bandwidth results in high connection speeds between, Internet service provider and the site user. High connection speeds is an implication for performance. Location of the host processor data center affects speed, so give it a thought.

  • Which Server do you prefer between Managed vs. Unmanaged

Managed server – a managed dedicated server includes cPanel management tools and security updates. This server a good one to consider signing-up for as it contains superior support. Also, mind checking the services included I the package and fee in case of additional features

Unmanaged – Are you capable of managing complex functions such as anti-DDoS protection and remotely-based backup? Then the unmanaged server is ideal for you.

  • The quality of support available

Accessibility to expertise support customer care is vital in the case of a managed dedicated server. Is their live chat responsive, how about the ticketing system? Establishing 24/7 connection to technical support saves you having prolonged downtimes. Quality support should take a step ahead to study your business model, know the unique requirements of the business.

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