How to Protect Kids from Cyberbullying


Cyberbullying is found to be the most terrific and common online threat negatively influencing the lives of teens, tweens and young adults across the world. The widespread use of the mobile phones and the internet technology are basically the main reasons for the sudden and unexpected rise of online bullying. Almost 75 percent of teens in the United States have access to mobile phones and internet and more than 50 percent of them admit experiencing bullying as a victim or a witness.

The cyberbullying is not different than traditional face-to-face bullying but it can make the victim suffer severe and long-lasting consequences. Usually, the victims of online bullying experience depression, anxiety and less self-confidence. If the bully continues torturing the victim, it can even cause the latter to commit suicide. Unfortunately, many bullying victims do not inform their parents that they are being bullied. It mainly has two reasons – one that their parents won’t understand them and second their parents would take their phones or privileges back. This restricts parents from providing needed support to their kids. However, there are ways that can help parents remaining aware of their kids’ happenings and protect them from persecution.  

What is Cyber-Bullying?

Using mobile phones, computers, social media, emails, chat-rooms and internet facilities to consistently threaten, offend or humiliate someone can be termed as cyber or online bullying. This form of bullying is more horrible and can have more severe impacts on the mental, psychological and physical health of the victim.

How to Protect Kids from Cyber Bullying?

The first and foremost thing about bullying is that your kids inform you about the bully’s behavior. This can be possible only when you share a strong bond with your kids. The children who are more close to their parents share their problems with their parents contrary to those who do not have a strong parents-kids relationship.

However, there are numerous other ways that keep parents informed of their kids’ activities. One of those methods is the use of parental control and monitoring software. The monitoring app enables parents to supervise the cell phone use of their kids to monitor their digital lives and protect them from the bullies and online scoundrels.

How Monitoring App Safe Kids from Cyberbullying?

The cell phone & computer monitoring software provides parents with enough information required to safeguard kids from the scoundrels in the real and online world. Once you get your kids’ mobile phones and computers installed with TheOneSpy parental control & monitoring app, you can remotely monitor and manage the online and offline activities of your kids without letting them know. After installation, you can keep tabs on all the happenings of your kids performed on their monitored mobile phones and computers through an online account. You can access that online account of the spy app anytime and from any mobile or computer device. Read on to know how the spy app lets you know if your kid is being targeted by a bully.  

Monitor Bullying Messages

The cell phone monitoring software allows parents to detect bullying messages on their kids’ phones. The app accesses the messages stored on the monitored phone and uploads these messages to spy app account. It includes the text messages, MMS and messages exchanged via social media and instant messengers. It means you can monitor all the one-on-one and group messages of your kids sent and received via an online and offline source.

Track Bullying Calls

The cell phone spy software records all the phone calls received and made via monitored phones and uploads the recorded calls to tracking software online account. Meanwhile, it provides call logs of the audio and video calls made and received via instant messengers.

Track Bullying Emails

You can track the emails of your kids sent and received via Gmail. Also, you can get keystrokes to closely monitor the online accounts of your kid.

Track Social Media

All the social media posts, conversations, file-sharing and friends-list can be monitored with the help of cell phone tracking software. You can spy on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO and other popular media apps in use of your kids. The social media monitoring lets you detect if your kid is experiencing bullying via these platforms.


Once you get clues that your kid is being bullied, provide him/her moral support and help him/her deal with the cyber bully.

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