Open, edit and convert DWG files


Files with the extension .dwg contain drawings in 2D or 3D format that were created or saved in the AutoCAD drawing program. Other programs often have problems opening such files. We’ll show you here how you can open, edit and convert DWG files.

Unlike STEP files, for example, DWG files can almost exclusively be opened and edited by AutoDesk programs such as AutoCAD. The term “DWG” is derived from the English word “drawing”, which means “to draw” or “drawing”.

Open and edit DWG files

Unfortunately, only the different AutoCAD versions are usually suitable for opening and editing DWG files. Since DWG is AutoDesk’s in-house format, many programs from other manufacturers often cannot do anything with the format. However, there is third-party software that you can use to at least open and view DWG files. Some of them are available for free download:

  • AutoCAD Viewer
  • DWG FastView
  • DWG TrueView
  • Free DWG Viewer

However, you cannot edit the file with these programs. If you are a student, you can download the free student version of AutoCAD. Everyone else should consider getting the full version of AutoCAD. At around 30 euros, the program is still relatively cheap:

Convert DWG files

It is often a good idea to convert DWG files to another format. Two examples of this would be DXF or STEP. All you have to do is open the DWG file with a suitable program and save it with the “Save as” or “Save as” option. When saving, you simply select your desired target format in addition to the target folder and the program converts the DWG file into another format.

You can even convert DWG files to PDF format:

  • Install the PDF24 Creator on your PC.
  • Open the DWG file with a suitable program of your choice.
  • Click there in the menu on the option “Print” or “Print”.
  • Then select the device “PDF24 PDF printer” as printer.
  • The PDF24 Creator opens and you can simply save the file as a PDF.

Also, you can convert dwg to pdf online. This can be done with the MiConv online file converter. Here is his website – 

Upload the DWG files to the conversion form and click the “Convert” button. Please wait a few seconds. Done! You can download them to your computer. Conveniently, you can convert Dwg to pdf in batch.

You can now open and edit the PDF files with a normal PDF reader. The good thing about PDF format is that most PCs can do something with it and usually have such a reader preinstalled. You can even open PDF files with your browser.

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