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The best thing about Billdu software is its portability; it gives the best with diversified use and compatibility to every Android, iOS, Windows, and Macintosh version. Users can view everything everywhere. If there’s no internet connection, pay no heed, it will save your invoice and uploads it to the servers whenever the internet connectivity is made available. There’s no need for invoice manager or a bookkeeper. If you are planning a vacation and everything’s on the books you can’t take to a trip, Billdu software saves the day and business reputation for an urgency, it is loved by 80,000+ small businesses and currently 50,000+ subscribers on board. The invoice is made in the printable format, email it to your client, know when the client opens or read it. The mobile version has “Pay Now” button, users can pay and receive via credit cards and PayPal, it is a great feature with secure environment and servers.

If you are a frequent traveler businessperson, Billdu smartphone app is made for you, here are few added features that help on the go.

Billdu for Android

Android is the most-used smartphone Operating system in the world; if you are an Android user plus a businessperson, here’s why you need to buy Billdu app right away.

  • It takes few seconds to complete any invoice, search the already made invoice and make recurring payments keeping all your business invoice in pockets.
  • The client list maker eases everything on the go; Android app provides full charts and reports (daily, monthly, and weekly) for better insights on business performance.
  • Quickly send invoices through email, on-site, or create a PDF of invoices and print it right away.
  • No internet? No need to worry, it will work without an internet connection.
  • Invoice signing is made available for the Android

Billdu for iPhone

Manage your iPhone app and business with a fully equipped Billdu invoice app for iPhone. The interface is simple to understand; the features are more than provided in the Android app. If you have an iPhone, there’s no way you aren’t registered to Billdu yet.

  • It has Documents, Products, Clients, Stats, Receipts Scanner, and Support dashboards for users.
  • The app offers a fully functional template making and editing features in the iOS app. Make logos, change colors, templates, or add a signature seamlessly.
  • The invoice printing is a tap away in the iOS app; if there’s a mini printer nearby, connect it wirelessly and get it out in hard form, or format it in email setting, or make a PDF out of the invoice interface.

If your stubborn client never replies to invoices, Billdu iOS app makes sure to know the exact time when it is opened by the client. Set reminder setting and it rings when clients open the bills.

Attach photos and PDF files as receipts or reminder notes to any invoice. Click on the add attachment and it will take you to the Gallery. An icon on the invoice shows if the photo/document is attached to the invoice.

Pay Now is made available on the iOS app, get payments via Credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

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