What metal has to do with Samsung Galaxy S9?


Samsung Galaxy S8 is designed and crafted with a special metal allow. All metal surfaces subjected to additional rustproofing. You can observer-shaded part of that additional protection against water in Galaxy S8 is outstanding, but same would be followed in Galaxy S9 in a question?

We conducted the test for compliance with IP68 while reviewing the Galaxy S8, and the phone easily passed it. No problems with it there, watch the video. Just want to note that to the dynamics after the water did not sound dull, it is necessary that the unit has dried, it is simple logic that somehow individuals is unclear. Note that what’s inside the tray for the SIM-card and memory card, it has a rubber insert, which is lower than the upper bound. As a result, here quickly stuffed dust from pockets, but it does not penetrate into the phone. It affects feature of his defense. Someone may not like it from an aesthetic point of view, but problems with that, as the dust inside the housing does not penetrate, cannot get there. Galaxy S8 follows very standard design but the actual design of Galaxy S9 specs will be different.

The body slightly increased in size for Galaxy S8, it is a consequence of a larger battery in the S8, and the other frame structure, it’s made of durable to withstand severe fall (aluminum alloy 6013). I have a Galaxy last generation does not have any complaints about the resistance to the falls. Immediately completely recalculated location of the components and parts of the phone to provide even greater survival and safety glasses that cover the screen and the back surface. Miracles do not happen, and you can break any device, but Galaxy / Note line users know that they have a very reliable machines that are difficult to break. And, yes Galaxy S9 will be unbreakable too.

Of the minuses I note the black version of the speaker grille for Galaxy S8, which is also painted black. The paint wears a few weeks in your pocket, there is a white metal. The body color is gold, just quietly, a feeling that everything is correct, but there is clearly seen. In my opinion, this is a clear disadvantage, but it cannot be called critical.

Considering the design and specs, Galaxy S8 suffers with scope of improvements, which might be the actual part of Samsung Galaxy S9; the related rumors of Galaxy S9 suggest the same.

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