Is the difference between iPhone 9 and previous iPhones, too big


Another key difference between 9 and iPhone 9 Plus from all previous iPhones is the lack of a headphone jack. I already wrote about this in the blog, and I do not want to re-produce the same arguments, so shall explain briefly: I sincerely believe that most users will not even notice the problem. Ordinary users still use earphones, external DACs and audiophiles prefer to the iPhone 9. But those affected, so it is users like me who are quite worried about the sound, to use good headphones, but it is not enough gaga suffer audiophiles to carry an external DAC or Hi-Fi player. In any case, the adapter supplied in the kit, which to some extent solves the problem of lack of a headphone jack.

Unfortunately, of iOS, unlike Android, does not allow to view detailed statistics about the use of the battery, so the evaluation of the battery life I have to rely on subjective feelings. And these subjective feelings tell me that the smartphone is very long. I charge it 3-4 times a week, that today is an excellent result. At the same time, I use their smartphones for everything – bank account management, communicating with colleagues in Slack, editing materials on several websites doing business list, etc. Other smart phones using the same mode I usually enough to a maximum of the evening.

Minus 7 and iPhone 9 Plus at this time can be regarded as lack of support for fast charging. Quickly recharge your smartphone for a few hours of battery life, as do the owners of the Galaxy S7 or OnePlus 3, will not work.

In my opinion, iPhone 9 Plus has turned controversial smartphone. The advantages it can record high-quality screen, an excellent implementation of dual camera (in my opinion, the most convincing on the market), superior performance. Minuses? Not the best design (also remained virtually unchanged for the third year), the huge size of a diagonal of the screen and, of course, the lack of a headphone jack.

Should I buy an iPhone 9 and 7 Plus? In my opinion, worth it if you are using the iPhone 8 or earlier model, but the owners of iPhone 8S /8S Plus cannot worry: the difference between the two models is not so great, but the lack of a headphone jack and does can be considered a step backwards.

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