The Weather Bug App; The New Daily App For iPhones!


Weather apps are the latest addition to Apple Stores that provides the precise current and future weather reports for all weather conditions. It is powered by a network of hundreds of professional weather stations.

It enables you to know the current local weather about temperature, pressure, humidity, sunrise, sunset, wind, dew point and weather alerts for the locality, hourly forecast, 7-day forecast, lighting strike, cloud cover, UV index, and the pollen count. The following are the best apps for your iPhone.

  1. Hurricane by American Red Cross

Red Cross has specifically designed it for disaster preparedness to predict the forces of nature such as earthquakes, hurricane, tornados, and wildfire. It alerts you with loud sound alarms to signal your location and sends automatic text messages to your loved ones about your safety.

It is directly connected to NOAA weather reports. You can get data related to velocity, echo tops, accumulation, and dual-polarization.

  1. Yahoo Weather

It provides detail weather condition and hourly forecast related to wind pressure, precipitation and wind pressure, along with clear illustrations and animation.

  1. The Weather Channel

It provides a simplified interface and additional details like the UV index, speed, and humidity on daily, weekly and fortnightly basis. You can get the weather-related information on road condition and watch videos for your locality, national storms, and scientific discoveries.

  1. Dark Sky

It lets you know the time when the storm will arrive. It also shows any snow, rain and the probable time, when it will; hit your area. You can also know the conditions of the sky.

  1. The WeatherBug App

It provides weather forecast on the daily, hourly and 10-day basis and the details of the pollen index. Based on the weather condition, you can be alerted for your allergies, the average cost of electricity and gas.

  1. Weather Underground

It can predict local sky condition and hazards like flash floods and power outages and some features like real-time report of nearby weather stations and photos of photos of weather conditions

  1. Carrot Weather

It gives humorous personal comments and enables you to unlock the secret of locations such as Mount Doom and Outer Rim Moisture Farm.

  1. Weather Live

It gives a real-time and detailed weather condition on the daily, hourly and weekly basis. You can get highly customized displays.

The following are few daily apps which you can download according to your needs:

  1. Pocket complies and sends articles to an archive which you read on your computer, tablet, and phone
  2. Google Keep enables you to take notes, set reminders, jot down to to-do-lists and record audio
  3. Wanderlust lets you set the due dates and reminders, can organize your grocery list and helps in planning a vacation
  4. Fantastical 2 enables you to insert simple phrases that can be converted into a calendar appointment
  5. Letterspace enables you for note-taking

If you want to exchange tips with your friends related to the coolest contents, the daily apps will suit you perfectly. It is offloaded by more than seven million users from 50 different countries.

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