4 Android Apps Everyone Needs In 2018


2017 has been an enlightening year and many of its revelations will influence the decisions we make in 2018. A lot of these decisions are impacted, in one way or the other, by the apps we use. Sifting through Play Store to find the apps you need in 2018 is nearly impossible. That’s why we’ve gone through the trouble for you and compiled a comprehensive list of Android apps you need and why you need them in 2018.


Financial management and success should be at the very top of concerns for 2018. Being debt free and having enough savings are the mark of financial success in this day and age. But that is a little hard to do if you can’t monitor and track your financials. Mint can help you do that and more quite easily. Mint is an app that allows the user access to all his/her financial details in one place. It provides a comprehensive list of your accounts, debts, bills, and expenditure. The program notifies you of upcoming bills and can be scheduled to make the payments. This is an effective financial move if you’re looking to avoid those pesky fines that always drain your savings. Mint also helps you calculate and manage your savings as well as make your expenditure more manageable.


Cybersecurity should be a major focus come 2018 especially after the security catastrophes in 2017. One of your greatest vulnerabilities is your network. An unsecured network is a direct access point that can be used by hackers to gain sensitive information such as the IP address, physical location, and monitor the traffic through your network. ExpressVPN helps you secure your network by shielding it within another highly encrypted network and porting your data through servers around the world. Needless to say, cybersecurity and privacy aren’t the only benefits of ExpressVPN that you get to enjoy. It also helps increase and stabilize your bandwidth, circumvent geolocation blocking from apps you love and so much more.


Aren’t you a little tired of the same old filters on Instagram and other photo editing apps? I know I am. Snapseed is one app that could help you get ahead in 2018 in terms of your photo editing capabilities. The app provides you with the ability to produce professional photos that have actual production value. With an easy-to-use interface, great features and 29 editing tools, this app is your ticket at uniqueness in 2018.


Entertainment is a huge part of our lives but I’m afraid that we’re not really getting the best that the world has to offer. There are those who feel that the world doesn’t make music for them, which is why they rely on music downloads for their entertainment experience. Spotify can help fix that. 2018 should be the year you experience high-quality music streaming at your fingertips. With over 30 million songs, you can rest assured that your kind of music is available on Spotify. More so, you can customize your listening experience based on artists, genres, and specific songs.


The apps you use should give you better control over your life. That is why you should look for apps that offer quality, value, and bring something extra into your life. The apps on this list are a great beginning.

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