The General Auto Insurance Review: Low Rates for High-Risk Drivers


Are you a high-risk driver and looking forward to finding a general auto insurance for your vehicle? Well, you need the services of the General Car Insurances.

If I am a high-risk driver (Actually, I am), I need to understand that the insurance companies consider the risk quite consciously and are always in search of those people who are risk-free. For high-risk drivers, insurance companies are not generally done. We are not an ideal customer for them as they do not take the risks on those people who do not behave ideally behind the wheel.

When the insurance companies give us a title of “High-Risk Driver”? Well, if we have under or over-age, we do not perform better in the credit scoring or we drive poorly, they will throw us in this category. If the risk factor is higher, the chances of their losses increase and therefore, they increase the premium costs or decrease the coverage amount.

General Car Insurances is a wonderful place where you will find a trouble-free environment and have no need to worry about high premiums. High-risk drivers are warmly welcome here, whether they have extensive accident history or poor credit score.

Another advantage of The General Car Insurance is that it streamlines all the coverage processes and handles the unsatisfactory payouts of high-risk drivers. The management is keen to pay the coverages according to the promises it has made to its customers. All these features have made it one of the best places for them and they trust what a company says about premiums and coverage.

How will you know that you are a high-risk driver like me?

Mostly, the drivers consider them the best, but when they pass through a process of calculating risks conducted by the insurance companies, they find they are not only poor drivers but also are not eligible to apply. I passed through the same process and found that the general auto insurance was not designed for me. In that difficult situation, General Car Insurances came to my support and I found the wonderful coverage with low premium rates there.

Generally, insurance companies categorize the risk factor in three different tiers that are called low, medium and high. But overall, they consider following factors the riskiest ones for throwing the names in the high-risk driver’ list:

  • There are accidents on your credit. Even a single car accident can hurt you a lot.
  • You have been receiving speeding tickets on a regular basis.
  • You violate traffic rules frequently.
  • You got a new driving license recently.
  • Your credit record is not up to the blot.
  • You have faced the conviction of DWI or DUI.

It remains satisfactory if you fall into a single category. However, if you fall into more than one category, the premium will rise tremendously.

If you fall in the category of high-risk drivers, the insurance companies do not give guarantee coverage when there is a low cost. In that particular situation, you need to compare the insurance companies and find those ones that can facilitate high-risk drivers such as General Car Insurances.

What features are available for High-Risk Drivers?

Following features of the general auto insurance are available for high-risk drivers:

Accessible insurance

With General Car Insurances, you can be the potential buyers even if you are a high-risk driver. Poor driving record, age factor, and poor credit score do not hurt you a lot as you can obtain protection against high premiums. It helps you manage if you do not find insurance services from other companies.

Quick Quotes

To keep engaged the customers, the insurance companies must need to complete the quote process in just a few minutes. This process makes the whole procedure simple and straight and you can immediately hit the road after getting prints of your insurance proof.

Roadside assistance all the time

Every driver loves to get roadside assistance 24/7 from insurance companies and for that, they provide supplemental coverage options. This assistance keeps you connected to your insurance company in case of a car accident. Normally, we are not a member of auto service providers and therefore, supplemental coverages help us a lot.

Coverage against equipment

In the standard general auto insurance policy, the custom parts are not protected. To protect them, supplemental option works for you and helps you replace the particular part in case of an accident.

What are the drawbacks of an insurance policy for high-risk drivers?

I have found the general auto insurance of General Car Insurances the best in the market, but still, there are still some drawbacks of it. For analyzing fairly, it is a must to discuss them here as well. So, let’s see!

Hidden Costs

There can be some hidden costs in the premiums, although they offer lower premiums. To tackle it convincingly, insurance companies increase the premiums, but it can be handled after discussing with the insurer.

Financial strength ratings are not good enough

General Car Insurances has not gotten sufficient ratings till now from the rating agencies such as S&P and Moody’s, etc.

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