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In today’s time, nearly everyone is glued to their smartphone for at least a few hours every day. A majority of time spent by people on their smartphone is on either socializing or playing mindless games. This means that people are experiencing less and less of the valuable learning activities that they must participate in order to increase their knowledge. Even in kids, those who spend most of their day time on their smartphone are the ones who are doing least well in their academics.

Also, as the current generation has grown up with the wonders of technology so it is quite difficult to keep them away from their smartphones. On the other hand, strong computer reliance can be harmful sometimes. Even, adults who are addicted to their smartphones cannot be easily separated from the technology.

However, there is a possible way to ensure that you participate in fruitful activities only, when using a smartphone. The new online quiz game, Quizistan, has made it possible that you participate in educational games when playing free quizzes online.

You must have tried many online quizzes for kids in the past but might have got a low response from your kid, because of their difficult to understand interface. Quizistan is an easy platform with some interesting Quiz Games for Kids which they would definitely love to play in their spare time. This way you are not only keeping your kids away from unfruitful activities but are also improving their learning.

Quizistan has quiz for people with different interests, as there are 8 topics to choose from which can be selected as per your convenience. You get 10 seconds to answer a question and the points you earn depends completely on how fast you answer a question. You will never be eliminated from the game at any course of the time whether you answer a question or not. That means, you always have a chance to win the game and earn a prize money for yourself. Only the highest point scorers will be awarded cash prize.

You don’t have to be online always to get update of our next game or to play a game. But you can check the timings at which the quiz of your choice appears and can enter the app to play absolutely free of cost.

This new Android or iOS game is one of the best platforms to increase your Basic General Knowledge. You can also earn some prize money while playing this game, which can be utilised as an extra part of your income. This game is designed to captivate you to participate in an activity out of want rather than out of obligation.

It has a vast variety of content that can help you with nearly any subject. It is an educational game which can help you to quiz your brain on topics such as science, gk, history, geography, maths, cricket, mythology, Bollywood, music and who am I. Once you start playing Quizistan, you will find it interesting to play. Even your kids will be excited to play this online trivia game both for fun and the knowledge they will be able to acquire playing it.

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