How To Sell Your Old Phones To Fone Wizard To Earn Some Money


Now, old phones can make you money instantly. For that, you have to switch to Fone Wizard. The company basically purchases old-phones at great prices. There is no use of keeping old-phones at home rather you can opt for selling them off for earning cash instantly. You just need to follow few simplest steps for making your old-phones sold at attractive rates.

Steps to be performed:

Valuable steps that are usually performed by Fone Wizard for collecting old-phones from customers are as follows:

  • No hidden-costs are involved and thus the customers will receive an absolutely genuine price for their phones.
  • The customers requite filling-up a form revealing that they are intending to sell their phones. Within the form payment-receiving option also needs to be mentioned clearly so that the sell-out money can be received duly.
  • You can take prints of the form for conducting the procedure in a much easier manner. You can also avail the option of receiving a pack of Freepost of forms.
  • A specialised data-deletion tool will be used so that existing data can be deleted. Until and unless old-data gets deleted the company will not be able to use the phone after refurbishing the same. For making the company authorised you to have to fill-up a data-deletion form. Detailed instructions you will receive at your email.
  • Damaged-phones are also being received as the company has got their in-house specialists for repairing phones. They refurbish and make damaged ones absolutely new so that they can be re-sold.
  • If sold phones are not acceptable at all then they are being returned for free. Every single device is being thoroughly inspected or verified in order to find out that whether it is acceptable or not.
  • Old-phones are recycled in a completely safe manner for avoiding unwanted environment-pollution. Every received phone is being reused nicely and put into the recycling process.

The company has gained a great fame for offering an amazing customer-support where customers queries are being duly attended. If you go through the reviews of satisfied customers then only you will come to know how the concern is offering stunning phone purchasing and recycling services for a long time.

They are very sophisticated and dedicated to their services in order to restore client satisfaction. They take great care of the environment for avoiding recycling hazards. They follow a sincere guide for removing phone locks. Until and unless the phones are unlocked the devices cannot be used for new usage.

Before sending old-phones you have to read out the company norms and if you agree to the same then you can go ahead. You have to take necessary backups of your personal-data as after processing the data will get lost forever. The sim card should be taken off before the phone is sent to the concern. You cannot claim your device after it is being sold as this is quite an unethical act.

Fone Wizard serves you the best in terms of phone-purchase and resale. You will never get cheated ever rather you shall receive a fair rate on your phone.

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