How to Add the Pictures to Kindle


Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers available for users, who like to read books, magazines, newspapers through Kindle store.

The users can increase or decrease the text size and read different books on this device electronically. Among so many features, Kindle device has the ability to disapply screen saver when the device get into the “Sleep” mode. Kindle users can make their device read images successfully and can select what images their device would display by following several steps.

Below are the steps to add pictures to Kindle.

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Procedure to Add the Pictures to a Kindle Device:

Step 1: Design a picture using any image software. 

Note: Windows Paint would work for complicated images. But, if you are pro, then you can go for Adobe Photoshop or Window’s Paint can also work for you. 

Step 2: Use the image software to open the images when they are ready to be transferred to Kindle. 

Note: Image software will make your image compatible with the system, so that it can be easily transferred to the Kindle device. 

Step 3: Set the maximum image size to dimensions 800 x 600 pixels. If your image size is bigger than this, then it might reflect some compatibility issue with your Kindle device. 

Step 4: Save your image in GIF or JPEG file extension once you are done with image creation. This will show you when you click on “Save As” and located at the bottom of the Window, just below the “File Name.” 

Step 5: Compress your image if it’s more than 64 kb as it is the maximum size for an image to be read by Kindle. Begin by editing the image into grey scale. For that, go to Windows Paint and then, to “Image Properties” and finally, opt for “Black and White”. Now, tap on “Ok.” 

Step 6: Attach your Kindle device to PC using the USB cable. Now, you will be able to see the Kindle icon on your PC. 

Step 7: Next, tap to open the “My Computer” folder. 

Step 8: Create a new folder named “Pictures”. Now, tap to open it and create sub-folder “My Pictures” within the “Pictures” folder. Copy all your Kindle Pictures from your computer to the “My Pictures” folder.

Step 9: Detach your Kindle device from the PC by selecting the “Eject” option. Now, simultaneously tap on “Z” and “Alt” to display the new book, called “My Pictures.”

Step 10: Finally, open this book to check whether all the content on the device have been transferred properly or not.

Note: You can view each image in full-size by tapping on “F.” If you want to set some image as your screen saver, then tap on Alt+Shift+0. After some time, your device will prompt you that the image has been set as screensaver.

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If you encounter any issues while adding images to your Kindle, contact Amazon Kindle Customer Service phone number to find immediate solutions. Our tech professionals are available from day to night to help you.

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