How to have more views on youtube, and then turn prospects into satisfied customers?


How to have more views on YouTube (some  tips), and the latest trends on Youtube How to have satisfied customers,  & increase youtube views  especially in the field of training (physical training, video training …)

Make long videos

  • Previously YouTube featured short videos (3 to 5 minutes).
  • Recently, YouTube has started promoting videos that are more than ten or even twenty minutes, something they did not put forward.
  • They are looking for this type of format because of the competition from Facebook that monopolizes the short and very short formats in the news feed.
  • The important thing is to know that now, this type of long videos should be better in the results.
  • So if you make videos of ten to fifteen or twenty minutes, they will be more seen (which was not the case before).
  • Add at the end of the videos incentives to subscribe via the turnkey tool of Youtube
  • Youtube will stop annotations early May 2017, those that exist will still be valid but we will not be able to install new ones.

However, we can use the entire system of subscription proposals at the end of the videos.

  • To do this simply go to the video manager, and in “Edit”, choose “End screen and annotations”
  • Here is a Youtube manual on the subject on this link :
  • When these end credits are well done, it greatly increases the incentive to subscribe or see new videos.
  • Note: This tool for creating end screens only works on 16: 9 format videos.
  • This call-to-action system will replace the annotations, you probably remember those annoying little pop-ups that get on the videos and really pollute the customer experience.
  • If you want to see nice examples of call to action via the end credits, just go see “pro” videos like Norman and Youtubers pro.

Put in the tags of the video the names of the people (interviewed or just mentioned)

From the moment you refer to a person who is a person who wrote a book, someone who did a video training, someone you just interviewed, someone you quote in the video … it is in your interest to put the name of this person in tag (the keywords of the video) in order to capitalize on his notoriety.

 First, maybe this person will share the video to his network, for increase youtube views especially if it is an interview or if it is a video that values ​​it.

It is also a way to be present in Google via a video when you type the name of a person.

But we can also use something other than people: for example, you can refer to a technique, a book, a method … known, and naming it in the tags and in the title of the video allows you to ‘go grab some traffic.

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