Web Marketing Consultant, Because He Will Retire Old Web Agencies


Companies no longer need websites but strategies. That’s why they want a web marketing consultant

I know it seems crazy to say today that you just need to write “web agency” plus the name of any city or simply have active geolocation, to be inundated with web agency websites. And yet things are just like that.

The future is not theirs. It belongs instead to the web marketing consultant.


It could be defined as a figure with transversal skills and marked creativity that accompanies companies in the world of digital marketing helping customers to increase their sales thanks online. In three words: web marketing consultant.

And accompanying a company in the world of web marketing does not mean publishing a website optimized on the Seo side, but offering strategies at Marketing Video Production in Dubai andsolutions to generate profits by rationalizing costs.

Because being prepared to be found by customers does not mean having the right cards to sell online but having satisfied only the first of a series of indispensable requirements…

Web marketing consultant: an almost natural evolution…

Basically it is an almost natural process. In the last twenty years advertising agencies that dealt more for the sale of advertising space in newspapers and magazines have had to start dealing with the online.

Companies have been asking for websites for years. They paid thousands of euros. And then? Then they realized that a website alone was of little use. Because it didn’t attract customers. The junk contacts were hundreds while those of potential customers could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Having a website does not make a difference. Having visibility and authority yes. And to conquer them online, the work of any web agency is not enough, but the strategy – indeed, the strategies – of a web marketing consultant is needed.

Let’s start with an assumption: you don’t become a web marketing consultant in a few months. We are not facing a profession that is accessed after compulsory studies or state exams to pass. But not even in front of a jungle without rules.

Before continuing, allow me a clarification. The fact that there is no school for “web marketing experts” does not mean that we should not undertake a training course. Only that the web marketing consultant (or such aspirant) will have to make an investment first of all on himself.

He will do it by studying, going well beyond academic readings but deepening different topics related to the web, to his tendencies to marketing and effective communication (online and offline) through books, eBooks, following blogs, webinars and online courses and participating in congresses, workshops , classroom events.

He will have to acquire transversal skills, I told you and I repeat it. To manage a web marketing strategy, you will need to know the web, its most effective tools but also the world of advertising and communication.

And after having studied and spent thousands of euros in training, he will have to prove that he has the skills and also the “right stuff” as they say.

There is only one way to do this: work with real customers and achieve successful results with them.

Look, the web is a strict, impartial judge. Everything you do is traced. All your activities are measurable. The famous KPIs (Key performance indicators), if properly read, tell us all about a web marketing strategy.

A web marketing consultant cannot cheat. Never.

A web marketing consultant is not a webmaster who…

Mark well what I’m about to tell you: a web marketing consultant is not a webmaster who knows how to set up an advertising campaign on Google. That is simply … a webmaster who knows how to set up an advertising campaign on Google.

When I talk about transversal competences I refer to a series of strategies to be pursued:

  • Analysis of the client’s market sector
  • Technical and content analysis of the customer’s current website
  • Design and development of advertising campaigns on multiple platforms (Google, social networks, etc.)
  • Design and development of content marketing campaigns
  • Design and development of email marketing campaigns
  • Design and development of strategic marketing campaigns
  • Design and development of strategic marketing campaigns
  • Design and development of lead generation campaigns for corporate sites
  • Design and development of lead generation campaigns for ecommerce
  • Real-time monitoring and updating of current campaigns
  • Brand awareness / Personal branding enhancement
  • Brand reputation improvement

I could go on and on … But the point is that all these functions, individually, are ineffective. And that’s exactly what many web agencies offer.

If, on the other hand, they are part of a precise digital strategy tailored to the needs (and realistic goals that can be achieved based on a specific budget), then they become an added value for the company. The web marketing consultant is the one who can choose which of these actions to take at the right time and which to include in a digital marketing process.

How a web marketing consultant works

There is no precise pattern, mind you. However, I can tell you that a consultant should always, at a preliminary stage, understand the client’s goals and identify the critical issues that have prevented them from reaching them so far.

But the task is not (only) to highlight the problems but to find solutions.

Why does a business that wants and the potential to go 200 per hour walk like an old Piaggio Ape?

Don’t be fooled by the “PowerPoint wizards” that present you with all the problems of your company’s digital strategy through rousing Hollywood-style presentations. That’s just part of the job.

The difficult (or the beautiful, depending on your point of view) comes later.

We need solutions. Those to be put into practice immediately, such as the resolution of both stylistic errors and the SEO side of the company website and the strategic ones where a roadmap with times and stages will be needed.

It is necessary to understand not only what is the adequate budget to invest in advertising but also which are the correct channels to choose to convey their strategies and times. (And times we will talk in depth shortly …)

The web marketing consultant is not a web agency that “makes” you the website, it makes you pay and disappears. It is a figure that accompanies a company in a process of digital transformation – sometimes even a revolution – with the best online tools.

As I wrote earlier, a web marketing consultant can never cheat. The results of his work are always measurable.

Want an example? I’ll do what I know best…

Matter of time and…

Corporate Web Marketing never proposes marketing strategies or campaigns with a duration of less than 6 months.

In two or three months, starting a campaign is very difficult – if not impossible – to have concrete and above all indicative results. This first period serves instead to test and calibrate times and strategies to maximize their effects.

Closing the web marketing strategy after 3 months by getting paid the bill would be like leaving the customer at the beginning of a path. On the right track, of course, but leaving he alone to face bends, climbs, holes and unexpected events.

Because the key is no longer the online presence (everyone has it), but the connection: if you are present but you are not connected with your customers, potential, current and future then you are alone. Tremendously alone.

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