Here’s Why You Should Never Buy Instagram Followers Or Likes


Instagram has today become the most popular platforms in social media having millions of users. It is a great platform for the brands to promote their services and products using video content and imagery. As competition increases, it is becoming harder to win over likes and followers on a huge scale. As such, the companies are turning to dirty tactics of buying followers. The strategy sounds quite tempting but has really bad effects on the companies.

A Terrible Strategy For Marketing:

When you consider expanding your business on Instagram, the main focus must be on creating an honest and strong relationship with your audiences. Having long-term relationships with the clients is the best way to advocate your brand on the correct path. Buying fake followers proves terrible for your Instagram accounts.

Getting Low Engagement:

Buying followers for your Instagram account can never give you a high engagement rate. Moreover, these followers do not take much interest in the contents or videos that you post on the page. As such, the comments and likes do not complement with the quality of content that you produce. Ultimately, they fail to interact with you which lower the overall rate of engagement having a negative impact on your page.

The Accounts Are Totally Fake Ones:

The followers that you buy are mostly fake as they have only a few or almost no photos and images in their accounts. Moreover, they ate irrelevant to the service or brand that you represent and thus do not fall in place.

Instagram Purges Your Account:

This can happen if you get caught. Instagram follows strict rules when it comes to buying followers and they also conduct a check on this for individual accounts from time to time. They might warn you firstly and later on ban the page entirely affecting your business and reputation a lot. Even several celebrities faced a drop in their followers after the purging getting done by the authorities.

You Are Not Doing Any Good For Your Business:

Buying followers never help you in making more money out of them. They never get engaged with you and also do not buy your products. They simply add to the numbers which ultimately do not fetch you anything extra. So, be happy with the handful of genuine customers that you have with whom you can interact and expand your business gradually.

Losing Genuine Customers:

This can be the most disheartening thing that one can face after buying Instagram followers. The fake followers can bring in spam with them which annoy the present customers. In the whole scenario, you can lose some trustworthy and happy clients out of no reason. This can be really damaging for your online reputation.

So, it is better you stay away from such shady activities and concentrate on growing your account in the normal and genuine manner. This can take time but can fetch you loyal and organic followers.


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