Five Reasons Why You Need An Intercom Phone For Home


The growing number of home invasions have added to the need for a better form of communication for the people inside the house and those standing outside at the door. The simplest solution to this problem of knowing who is standing outside the door is installing an intercom phone for home.

A simple intercom system includes a phone installed in your house which is connected to a phone at the entrance of the building as well as other houses in the apartment building. You don’t need to apply for landline numbers; all the phones have a dedicated number that anybody on the intercom system will know and can call on. Listed here are the complete benefits of installing an intercom phone:

  • Better security

When a doorbell rings, the most we usually do before opening the door is look through the peephole to see who is at the door. The most we can make out is the silhouette of the visitor. However, with an intercom that is installed within your home and outside the door, you can call the phone outside to talk to the visitor. You don’t have to open the door without knowing the credentials of the visitor. Another way in which better security can be maintained is by asking the watchman to get the visitor to call you from the intercom at the main gate itself. This way, even the watchman can confirm where the visitor wants to go. Since it’s a two-way communication, you can assess whether the person at the door is suspicious or genuine.

An intercom is useful when you have a lot of courier deliveries, or any other form of deliveries. It is a good way of ensuring that no random sales-man comes calling to your doorstep without your permission first.

  • Convenience

When the visitor answers the call, and tells you that he’s a salesperson, you know you don’t have to get up and open the door. This saves you the effort of opening the door, every time the doorbell rings.

  • Integration with existing CCTVs

You can see the visual of the person outside your door and then speak through the intercom phone to ask the purpose of their visit. With the help of visuals, you can ensure the legitimacy of the visitor’s intentions. For example, if someone rings the doorbell and through the intercom says that they have a courier for you, you can check the CCTV’s visual feed to verify if the visitor actually has a package or not. You can also ask them to hold up the signing sheet to the camera to ensure authenticity.

  • Communicate with other residents or family

If your young child is playing in the building compound, you can check-up on them by calling the intercom installed at the security gate. This way, the guard can check whether your child is safe and you can also talk to your child. Very young kids may not be able to carry and take care of a mobile phone themselves; hence, an intercom phone is best option. You can also communicate with other residents of the building through the intercom.

With all the benefits that an intercom phone offers, why wait to install one?


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