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The Internet is opening newer avenues for each phenomenon of life every day. Among them, the world of entertainment has reached a new height with the help of the internet. It has given us the choice of entertaining ourselves, beyond the boundaries of time and place. Internet now has become an ideal tool to enhance the power of every entertainment media, including the old ones, like television and radio.

Radio was one of the earliest born entertainment and connectivity medium where news, music, public talks used to reach people through this age-old device. But the broadcasting of the radio stations was limited to the geographical and regional boundaries, because of which people had no other choice but to listen to whatever was dished to them by the local radio office.

One of the popular internet service providers during their internet Montreal promotion in Montreal shared their views on Internet Radio. According to them, with the invention of the Internet, the radio has gained sea changing advantages crossing over the geographical grids. Here is a brief description of each kind of advantage radio has received after it got connected to the World Wide Web.

Variety of Stations

Today Radio can be played as per the user’s wish and choice irrespective of where he is placed. Tuning to one particular channel isn’t an issue anymore. An innumerable variety of stations are made available through this Internet radio. As one travels across the country, the internet radio can accompany him everywhere. Every regional channel is accessible from overseas. And that is the biggest advantage of choosing an internet radio.

Fewer Advertisements

While terrestrial radio stations allow too many commercials, Internet radio stations in comparison stream very few commercials. As the running cost of internet radio is lesser than terrestrial radios, it needs lesser financial support from the advertisements. Moreover, some of the Internet radio stations receive donations or regular subscriptions, while some of them stream royalty-free music, because of this these stations are totally ad-free.

No Extra System Requirements

Internet radio came into existence in the late 1990s. But, to be specific, the system requirements for streaming radio stations has yet not changed. It can be played on a computer that is running any OS version of the Windows, Mac or Linux. One can stream the Internet radio through an already installed software loaded on your computer or just listen to the music being streamed online. Today, the internet radio stations are also made available on every kind of portable devices like the smartphones, tablets, laptops, PDAs and video game consoles.

Better Sound Quality

If we compare the sound quality of the conventional Terrestrial radio, everyone would agree that it is mostly disrupted and interfered by surrounding sounds. At one point, when one crosses certain distance, the radio would not receive signal and would end up making a ghastly sound forcing you to leave their hope and stop the device. But with internet radio, the sound quality remains equally clear wherever you go till there is a mobile tower or wi-fi connection. The voice and sound quality are not affected by any environmental pressure. Gone are those days when you have to keep adjusting the tuner of the radio manually to get a clear sound quality.

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