Choose The Right Pressure Sensor For Your Application From Different Types


There are different types of pressure sensors available on the market. You must know each of these types so that you can choose the right one for your need. If you are looking for the best PC board mountable pressure sensor you must look at its features, functionality and most importantly its applicability for your specific purpose. These pressure sensors are usually compact in design and economical to mount on an electrical PC board. It can also be combinedwith other products and are mostly available in imperial and metric units. These sensors come with a display panel to show the readings.

The industrial sensor

The heavy duty industrial digital pressure sensors have a more rugged enclosure than the other sensors so that it can accommodate heavy industrial environments. The factor you must look into when you choose a pressure sensor for industrial use is its scalable output that will provide adequate immunity to electrical noise. You can choose the submersible pressure sensors to measure depths precisely in fresh water or any liquids in harsh industrial environments. These sensors are also ideal to monitor environmental conditions in field locations and different job sites. Also check out the wet-dry pressure sensors that are highly stable in measuring pressure difference between two media.

Other types available

If you need, you can also choose the high accuracy pressure sensors to measure pressure as low as 0.05% of the full scale. Depending on model, you may even use it for high precision only. Other than that, there is a specific type of pressure sensor used for sanitary and food applications to monitor pressure of liquids and foods that usually have high viscosity. Special purpose sensors are also there for measuring temperature pressure in very high or extremely low temperatures. You will also find barometric pressure sensors with wireless and digital communications output as well.




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