5 Common Bugs You’d Find During Any Mobile Application Test


The world of mobile app development is highly competitive due to the popularity of smartphones. As a developer, ensuring your mobile app is free from bugs comes with a lot of advantages.

For instance, you can provide your users with a high-quality app, which increases customer loyalty. At the same time, your users will have a great experience, ensuring they continue to use your mobile app. Here are five common bugs you would find during any mobile application test:

Background process drains the battery and eats memory

One of the most common and annoying bugs for users is when your app starts to consume a large number of resources when it is in the background. As a result, your mobile app will start draining a lot of battery. At the same time, it also uses a lot of memory, which can slow down the users’ smartphones. If your mobile app continues to use resources in the background, your users will uninstall it.

Button tap causes a crash

Another common bug is when your users interact with specific buttons on your mobile app. For example, imagine tapping on the send icon in WhatsApp, only to be greeted by a message that the app stopped working. Not only is this annoying but it can also ruin the experience for your users, as it limits the functionality of your mobile app.

Error in communication

If there is an error in communication between the user and your mobile app, it is a huge problem. It takes place when you don’t focus on making the interface of your app user-friendly. For instance, your user wants to access the main menu, but he/she is unable to do so. Make sure that you make all the elements of your mobile app accessible at all times. If possible, include a help section, which provides valuable information to your users.

Localization mistakes

When you want to extend the reach of your mobile app, you will localize it. However, if you don’t follow the necessary protocols, there will be a lot of mistakes in the localization. For instance, a lot of grammar errors makes your work look amateurish. Similarly, misspelled words or wrong punctuation can change the meaning of your content.

Page layout doesn’t scale

There are a large number of devices which have different screen sizes. On top of that, due to the introduction of the notch, smartphones now have different aspect ratios in their displays. As a result, the page layout of your mobile app doesn’t scale properly.

These are the five common bugs you would find during any mobile application test!

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