Advantages and disadvantages of buying DSLR camera


People who are obsessed with taking pictures are dreaming about having the most modern DSLR camera because the quality of the photos are much higher than of those taken with any other types of photo devices. However, due to a number of features in DSLR, the pictures taken by an inexperienced user can sometimes be worse than those taken by a professional photographer with the help of an obviously less expensive amateur camera. In addition to many complexities in operating, DSLR cameras cost an arm and a leg. Plus, the user will probably have to purchase some spare parts which will allow them to take good pictures in different settings. As for spare parts and accessories, this problem can be easily solved because there are plenty of classified offering a wide range of used camera lenses for sale and other stuff and you don’t need to spend a fortune. In case of buying a camera itself, you need to weigh up all pros and cons.

Disadvantages of DSLR cameras

It would seem that there aren’t any flaws in the devices made using the most modern technologies. Well, the most obvious of these drawbacks lies on the surface – this is a high cost. Not only does the price of the basic models start from 500-700 dollars but also the total cost of all accessories necessary for an advanced photographer often exceeds the amount spent on the camera itself.
It is understandable because in addition to the DSLR camera it is necessary to buy several lenses and filters for different shooting conditions, a tripod, an external flash and a special bag-trunk or a backpack for storing and transporting all this stuff. Of course, it is possible to make do with the built-in flash and a complete lens for all occasions, but this solution is only for the fresh photographers and is suitable at the initial stage of training. If are absorbed with photography, then prepare yourself in advance for the inevitable regular spending on another specialized lens. Moreover, the DSLR cameras are noticeable bigger and bulkier than any regular digital camera. You can’t just put it in your pocket when you are going for a walk.

Advantages of DSLR cameras
Of course, there are some shortcomings of the DSLR cameras, however, there are plenty of solid bonuses too. The first of these is the excellent quality of the images, which is provided by the advanced design of the camera. So, the photomatrix, which is much larger than in the digital cameras, provides high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, fewer noise at high ISO values, etc. The fastest autofocus (when viewed through the viewfinder) allows you to take pictures in motion. In addition, most DSLRs support continuous shooting, in which one press of the shutter button results in a series of shots at a rate of 5-12 frames per second – a very useful opportunity to capture active events (reportage, sports, children, animals, etc.)

All in all, if you want your pictures to be really good, it is worth buying a DSLR. Another question is how to buy it cheaper. You can purchase it from a specialized store, in this case you need to be ready to spend much money, or you can find less expensive option among Kijiji ads offering used computers for sale, used cameras for sale from owners. If you choose to buy used electronics from an owner, make sure you know what you are looking for and ask the seller as many questions as possible to clarify all the details about product’s condition.

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