A Complete Guide on How to Get the Right Directory Display


Getting the right directory display for your working station can seem like a formidable task. This is not far from choosing the best TV for your home. There are certain factors you are supposed to put into consideration when finding the right digital directory display. Additionally, majority of the differences are based on the options each of the factors possesses.


Wondering how you are supposed to choose the right directory display? We have prepared a complete guideline of building a reliable digital directory. So, read on! The following are the factors to consider when selecting a digital directory display.


Type of Displays

You should consider the type of display that can meet the needs of your building. Below are a few options that can help you out with deciding the best type of display. Whichever kind of display you choose, will need to be taken measurements, which should fit the space available.




TVs are mostly used as digital directory display especially for office spaces. This is mostly because of the low costs incurred compared to other options. This is the best cost-effective option if there are multiple floors, with another advantage of easy installation.


Floor Stand Displays


These displays have a pedal style base which gives them support. Therefore, it is not a must they be mounted on a wall. Floor stand displays are more of a personalized experience since they are mostly programmed for interactive capabilities only for one user.




It is recommended that you choose a screen size that is more than 42′. This will enable many people to see the screen at a go. In addition, when choosing the right sizes, you should also consider the number of digital displays you want to use.

Also your digital directory should be readable; therefore you should consider elements like colors and fonts and for more information on this, click this link. Your main goal should be to ensure that customers are in a position to view the screen at least 10 feet away. In case the customers are not within 10 feet from the screen, then the following are some of the recommendations on the size of the screen depending on the distance.


RS-232 Capability

Your TV display should contain a RS-232 input. A RS-232 input enables you to use your digital signage device and HDMI. With a digital signage device that can be plugged in always, you can use timing features. These features enable you to turn your display either on or off without necessarily having to do it manually. Such features are great especially for multiple devices on more than one floor.


At the end of the day, if you want to high functionality and connectivity, you should make sure that your TV has HDMI and the RS-232 inputs. In addition, for display orientation, you can either go for landscape or portrait. However, some displays do not display the two orientations. Nevertheless, for digital directories, it is recommended you use portrait orientation vs. landscape, when selecting a TV. Majority of commercial TVs are consonant to display portrait orientations and you can find out this through the edges of displays since such TVs do not have logos on their edges.




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