Why choose the .com domain for your website domain name


People when thinking about the website, end the website name with .com mostly. It is because .com is the most used domain since the start of the internet, and continues to be synonymous with the internet. Top Level Domains are of a various type like .uk, .in, .org, .net, .edu, etc. but still the common TDL (Top Level Domain) of the most of the websites in search engines is .com. However, there are many new TLDs like .images, .shop, .blog, .digital, .gallery, .lawyer, .doctor, .loan, .tours, and thousands of TDLS to experiment, but the dominance still drives people to choose .com domains.

Following are benefits of choosing a .com domain for your website:

  1. People are more familiar with .com domains extensions, and therefore, .com websites have high credibility as compared to other extension sites. The .com domains look more authoritative to people.
  2. It acts as a default extension in many browsers, and smart phones also have .com for quick typing. That is why it is easier for people to search for your website using the .com URL. When a domain is easily accessible, it will help you build your brand and promote business online.3. It will also help you in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is making your online presence in Google or ranking your website. Domain names also play a role in SEO and .com is excellent SEO fodder. Also, it makes the goal of SEO easier, that is links user with the best or more relevant websites in the search engine, and .com makes it easier to target the audience to your website.
  3. It will help you build your brand more easily. Many people will use yourBrand.com to find your business website, in case they forgot or don’t know your website name. So this makes it easier for your customers and audience to find your business online. However, using unusual domains can also work, if you can create strong content and social media influence to create an online presence for your brand. In such a case, people might remember your domain name with the mentioned TLD or extensions.

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