The Ultimate Guide to Website Development


What is web development?

Web development encompasses the whole process of making a web application along with styling, hosting and logic creation. Web development itself is mostly thought or spoken of as a mixture of all the processes that occur during the development phase of an application. Until finally it is available to be viewed by anyone online. Web development has got the attention of billions of people around the world with the rapid rise in online social media platforms. 

Since these platforms connect people from all around the globe together, people have got to know about the power of web development and how it can change the whole world. With a good enough idea and some backing any web developer can instantly turn into a millionaire overnight, but this is mostly one in a million scenario. Although not every developer becomes a millionaire, still almost every web developer earns a good amount.

How does one become a web developer?

Becoming a good web developer is time-consuming and requires effort, but if you have patience and enthusiasm in this domain then there is no stopping you. Web developers are quite jumpy by nature, they keep jumping from one technology to other especially front-end web developers. This is because there are always new emerging technologies in the field of web development and new frameworks and libraries keep popping up every few months. Hence it is essential for web developers to keep their skills sharp and keep learning new skills with time.

There are many online tutorials and paid certifications such as the web developer bootcamp that beginners follow to grasp web development. In these bootcamps / certifications, a beginner learns the basics of web development and then decides which area of web development suits him/her the best. These areas could be front end development, backend development, security engineering, quality assurance, etc. But in the end, it all depends on what particular field attracts you, if some field attracts you and you feel comfortable in that then it should be persuaded by you. Web development is all about personal preferences. There are many tools and technologies in web development which are nearly identical and perform the same type of functionalities, in such case, a good developer usually picks the tool or technology which is the most stable and is backed up by a huge community.

Although some companies prefer web developers with at least a bachelor’s degree, many companies pick web developers purely based on their skills. Facebook is a great example in this matter, it was started by an undergraduate university student. There are many such examples in the field of technology and particularly web development. Self-taught web developers are what people call cream of the market. If any individual is planning to dive into web development, then self-learning should be their highest priority.

Tips from professional web developer

Professional web developers always try to remain in touch with the beginner to share their knowledge and also learn something new from a fresh mind. There is kind of a friendly learning environment throughout the web development discussion forums. The world is on the same page when it comes to a big bug or an unsolvable problem in the domain of web development. You can see the solution of various problems posted by experienced web developers on online forums. These problems or issues can be faced by any new developer and can be added on any forum. Having a whole community look at the problem faced by one person certainly helps build self-confidence along with a pleasing personality in a web developer. Sharing or helping others if you have the skill or asking others for help when you don’t have the skills is the number one tip from professional web developers.

The number two tip is figuring out how to solve the same problem with new and ingenious ways. Whenever they are done with solving a problem, professional web developers take a step back and analyse the situation and figure out whether they can do the same thing in less amount of code and in a more clean and elegant way. This trick is actually what gives them that professional edge over other developers. Since any developer can get a task done, but only the ones with experience get it done in the most elegant way.

Key technologies in web development

The three most commonly understood technologies in web development are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The HTML is used for templating an application, CSS is used for styling purposes and JavaScript for logic creation. All of them are bonded together throughout the web development phase. These are just the basic three technologies that any web developer must have a good understanding of, and further down the road, they get split up into various more categories. 

In client-side development, the main focus is one of these three technologies especially JavaScript which have numerous libraries and frameworks to make things easier. In server-side development languages like PHP and ASP.NET are used which work hand in hand with HTML to make the data rendered on the webpage. Server-side development mostly handles the data manipulation, storage in databases along with hosting of the web project itself.

Most developers these days try to become a full stack developer who has knowledge of both of these. Becoming a full-stack developer is good because it broadens your mind and you acquire skills of both domains simultaneously. But for beginners, it is probably best to focus on one particular domain and all the technologies used in it. This helps people master specific skills more rapidly.


Web development is a great career to pursue at this point in time. There are countless resources available online for learning web development, and with some persuasion, you can get in touch with the professional web developers from leading companies of the world. And they do listen to your problem and answer you, given that your problem is worth listening to. Career progression in web development is solely based on your own skills which you acquire and perfect over time.

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