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The best-known application for video downloading. A user-friendly app helps in downloading high-quality videos and songs in just a click of a button. Vidmate supports various applications, which fall in the category of a daily life usage of a consumer, and the best part of the Vidmate app is that it is legal and secured.

How convenient is this app?

Now download videos into your communication device in just one click of a button. Presenting you the Vidmate App. It auto-detects good quality video and notifies you on the spot.

Use the HD video downloader and get access to previewing the video in HD quality before download. Vidmate gives you all attractive features like

  • Faster HD video downloading
  • Built-in browser to browse for quality virus free videos
  • Built-in player for the convenience of playing videos offline
  • Download videos in the background
  • Low data usage
  • SD Card supported
  • Bookmarks added to your desired websites
  • Resume failed videos
  • Large file download supporter
  • Save files in password-protected folder
  • Fully featured download management to pause, play, resume and delete a file
  • Safety ensured through the Browser downloader
  • Powerful audio-video downloading application.

Why Vidmate?

Therefore, if you like to download videos from the internet and watching it when you run out of data, Vidmate might be the aptest application for you. It does the desired by capturing a video from the website and downloading it inside your device. This App also proves to be user-friendly where it is easier for you to manage video downloading. It detects the resolution of the version of videos, which any website has to offer, and gives its user a choice. In addition, it helps in storing the download in limited space like the flash drive. Due to the presence of a Built-in Web Browser in Vidmate, it is simpler to browse through 20 different websites. In addition to which the users can also add additional websites according to their needs.

The slight swindle

However, despite being a popular video downloading application it does not support personal computers. This is because Vidmate android device attainted so much success on its release that the developers did not find a reason to launch another version of Vidmate PC. Several other good quality video downloading apps come in the competition giving Vidmate a tough battle. High quality and long duration videos require high-speed internet and data.

How to download?

The app is easy to download. It is available free in the Google play store application. Browse websites with a built-in website browser. Auto-detect video and tap the downloading button. Choose the video desired and tap the download button. If you want to download videos in faster speed then click upon the Fast Video Downloader.

With a total of 5MB space and a high rating of 4.5, this free video downloading application has made the experience of video downloading easier and has done away with potential online problems like piracy and virus.


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