Ways of Adapting: Smart Devices Making Senior Life More Comfortable


Most common health issues that seniors experience include deteriorating vision, hearing, back pain and weakening motor skills. However, developers of smart devices are ready to let them forget of all troubles. Laptops and tablets offered for seniors feature large and bright screens, excellent sound, convenient keyboards and they are also light. Looking for a present for your grandma or grandpa, or perhaps you’re a senior in need of a convenient device for work or productive leisure? Take a look at our list and you will definitely find something that you like.

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Acer Aspire E

Large and bright 15.6 inch matte screen and 12 hour battery. This laptop is perfect for those, who love showing lots of pictures while visiting friends – you won’t have to worry about a suddenly depleted battery. Acer Aspire E will hold 128 GB of your data, while the 4 GB RAM will ensure fast operation.  This laptop also has a full keyboard (with numbers), making it particularly convenient for senior users.

Compared to other similar computers, this one is not very expensive. And now pigu.lt e-shop offers laptops for even lower prices. Don’t miss yours!

Microsoft Surface DAJ-00012

This luxurious choice features high quality and reliable design. What makes this laptop convenient for seniors is the very comfortable, elevated and lighted keyboard. If you noticed increasing efforts of using your motor skills or sight, but you can afford this – this laptop will be perfect for you. It also has a touch screen, making some of your operations even faster and you won’t have to worry about leaving your mouse at home. Microsoft Surface DAJ-00012 has 8 GB RAM – this laptop is really fast.

Microsoft Surface Pro

No other laptop can compete with this one in terms of weight. Microsoft Surface Pro is especially light – only 0.77 kg. This is an excellent choice for someone constantly on the go or travelling enthusiasts, who want to take their laptop with them. This light device won’t be hard on your back. It also includes a digital pen, which makes browsing even easier. Microsoft Surface Pro also has a powerful 13 hour battery.

The only drawback is that this device has no keyboard, but you can purchase it separately. Of course, that would increase the total price.

Dell Inspiron 17 5000

A solid device that has lots to offer. Seniors with weaker eyesight need their laptops to have a large screen – this one is just it, featuring 17.3 inches. The screen is not only large, but also bright and in high contrast. The device also has good speakers, offering good sound quality whether you watch a movie or use Skype. This computer, just like Microsoft Surface DAJ-00012 has an 8 GB RAM, making it very fast. And – the best part – it will fit as much as 1 TB of your data. You will be able to lend space on your laptop to your family too!


Asus ZenPad 3S

Asus tablets are as good as the Asus laptops. This tablet has 4 GB of RAM, enabling it to be engaged in many functions at once. The high-contrast and bright 9.7 inch screen will facilitate reading and reveal the full beauty of your photos. The tablet also has a fingerprint recognition function, increasing security and enabling safe online bank transfers.

Apple iPad 9.7″ WiFi

So powerful, thin and light that you won’t be able to let it out of your hands. Features a bright, high-contrast screen, two cameras and a 10 hour battery. Experts joke that grandparents purchasing this iPad could quickly lose it to their grandchildren! It is excellent for playing both educational and recreational games. While the fingerprint recognition system for safer locking will protect the grandparents not only from their grandchildren, but also thieves.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung has proven to be able to produce not only functional equipment, but also that, which is pleasant to touch. This tablet is lighter and thinner than iPad2. The back is covered with soft material that enables a convenient and strong grip. Compared to other tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab A has a rather large, bright and high-contrast 10.1 screen. The 8 megapixel camera will enable you to take beautiful photos and keep them in the 32 GB drive. However, this tablet might be a bit slower than the rest, because it has only 2 GB RAM.

Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 10”

An elegant tablet, which looks good and can offer a package of powerful functions. The shock-resistant body contains 4 GB of RAM, which will allow you to do several tasks at once, while 4 powerful speakers will recreate particularly high-quality sound. According to experts, this tablet is like a cinema that you can carry around – you will never be disappointed with the high-quality sound and the particularly bright 10 inch view. Most importantly, other tablets that offer very similar features are much more expensive than this one.

And, for the last, we’d like to encourage you. Are you a senior and have never tried using a computer before? Try it and you’ll be able to enjoy so many discoveries! You’ll be able to read the news without leaving your home, communicate with your relatives abroad, listen to your favourite music, watch movies with no commercials and so much more…

We hope that this article was useful and you’ll find not only the perfect smart device for you, but all the possibilities it can offer!

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