Traditional Helpdesk vs Cloud-Based Service Desk: What To Choose?


To survive in cutthroat competition, it has become essential for businesses to go with the cloud-based service desk. Installing on-premise helpdesk solutions are not only time-consuming but also need an in-house IT team & hosting partners. Moreover, extra efforts are also needed to put in. Apart from it, the traditional desk used to be restricted to one place and could not serve the facility of communication with many users, companies or customers.

With the advent of cloud-based service desk, the way of doing business has changed completely. CRM tools have made easy for the marketing department to work faster without confronting any issues. Would not you wish to know more about it? Let’s check out here all about the features of the cloud-based service desk.

How Cloud-Based Service Desk Is Unique In Its Own Way –

Actually, a Cloud-based service desk software tool is designed in a way to help the customers.

To Get A Wide View –

Modern cloud-based service desk software makes possible building up healthy and great customer relationship. Businesses can easily track the complete history of customer-business communication using it. Complete customer data will be at your fingertips. Moreover, businesses will also have the power of accessing powerful customer database analytics to track various indicators including a number of requests about period or request frequency.

Proactive Approaches –

Using the modern software means you do not have to wait as you used to do earlier. The modern service desk software is also equipped with exclusive FAQ database having helpful information. And it can get changed according to the business needs and requirements.

Manage Customer Database Using Single Platform –

Why should you hop from one place to another? Yes!!! You can keep all your customers’ data safely using Cloud-based service desk software at one place including contact information, social profits, contact information and history of interactions. Managing all information on the same platform makes possible to improve the service quality as well as delivery. When you are having a legion of customers, it requires assisting them in a great way so that they would turn into the permanent customers. The value of long-term business relationship cannot be ignored, it is quite helpful leading to increased profit ratio of your business.

Major Key Traits Of The Service Desk:

  • Full integration with other IT Service Management processes to make easy to use everything about businesses irrespective of time or place
  • Eradicate the need of hopping from one place to another as it acts as single point of contact for all IT areas/applications/business processes
  • To make possible keeping the organization compliant with Service Level Management agreements

Encouraging Self-Service/Service Catalog

Make sure that you are going to choose the best company since the internet is brimmed with so many service providers. And well-designed CRM tool and the system can work for your business incredibly. Your potential customers will surely notice you and this will also lead to having a lot of profit.

Want to support the good relationship between you and your customers? Do add CRM tool and system to your business strategy to double your profit.

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