4 Commonly Types Used Security Camera


No one would want to encounter a security breach, especially in terms of tampering with important data that is relevant to your business. When you need an efficient security camera that will help you keep a watch on your office or home 24/7, chances are you might get confused while choosing the perfect surveillance system to meet your needs. Since surveillance plays a major role in securing today’s homes and offices, it is important to install a proper camera on the premises.  In order to avoid wasting money on an inefficient security camera, we have come up with a list of commonly used surveillance systems that will help you opt for the best choice for your needs.

Dome CCTV Camera

Dome CCTV cameras are ideally the most commonly purchased cameras for monitoring the indoor area. These cameras are dome-shaped, which makes it considerably hard to detect which side the camera is facing and hence it is very handy to catch a glimpse of intruders if any. It is a boon for the owners since they can be totally relieved of the security and it conveniently avoids the criminals to come in the vicinity. It is ideal for installation in a large area wherein all the surroundings can be surveyed within the vicinity.

Bullet CCTV Camera

Bullet CCTV cameras are cylindrical in shape and have a tapered end, which makes it resemble the bullet of a rifle. This kind of security cameras is generally used in applications where you find the need to view activities from a long distance. Like a bullet, it points at a particular area and is capable of capturing images from a particular location. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can also opt for waterproof cameras that are not destroyed by unpleasant weather conditions.

Day & Night CCTV Camera

Day & Night CCTV cameras have an edge over the other security cameras since it works perfectly in normal conditions as well as low light conditions. They are capable of capturing clear video footage even in bad weather conditions. This kind of cameras is installed for outdoor applications so that they can function optimally even in low light condition.

IP CCTV Camera

IP CCTV cameras are available in two modes: one is hardwired, while the other is wireless. You can make the choice as per requirements. These cameras are capable of easily transmitting images through the internet. They are also easy to install and can send the relevant data to the user irrespective of the long distance through which the images can be transmitted.

These are few of the commonly used security cameras, which are prevalent in the market. Irrespective of the kind of security camera you choose, it’s important to buy it from reputed manufacturers so that surveillance systems get regular security updates.

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