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Temple Run 2 is a very popular game, released in 2013. The concept of the games is that you run endlessly and try to avoid obstacles while you collect coins to increase your score. In addition, you can use those coins to change your character as well as buying super powers for them. It was a sequel, second version, of the original Temple Run. You can easily download Temple Run 2 for free from the app store of your smart phones. In order to play Temple Run 2, all you need is a working internet connection. This game can be downloaded from many various mobile operating systems which include iOS, Android and Windows Phone OS. If you are looking for a way to download Temple Run 2 for PC for free, you have come to the right place. You can do so by following our easy step by step tutorial as shown below.


With more than 50 million downloads within just two weeks, Temple Run 2 has quickly taken the number one spot as the most popular game in many app stores. That is definitely crazy! It has stayed as the top game for many weeks. This game has attracted many users from all over the world. Temple Run 2 has improved its graphics and its setup from the original Temple Run. With no doubt, Temple Run 2 has definitely become very successful. Conveniently, you do not have to create an account to play this game. You simply download it and there you go! Temple Run 2 has excellent reviews from the app stores of various mobile systems. Temple Run 2 is a very fun game and you should go check if out if you haven’t done so.

Follow our step by step guide below to find out how to easily download Temple Run 2 for free and install for your PC.

First and foremost, you will need to download the Temple Run 2 Installation package onto your PC. Click on the link below to download it.

Once that has being finished downloading, follow our process below.

Open the Temple Run 2 file and click on the Install button.

By doing so, it will install that into your PC. After that has being completed, a mobile screen with a sign up form will appear on your PC screen. Complete and fill in that form and click submit.

Then you will reach a verification screen. Verify it by entering the verification code that you see in the Temple Run 2 Mobile App.

Once that has being verified, your scores and points that you earned in Temple Run 2 will be automatically synced with Temple Run 2 for PC.

Now you can start playing Temple Run 2 straight from your PC. The process was simple and straightforward. We hope you liked our above step by step guide. If you encounter any problems during this process, feel free to let us know in the comments. We will be more than happy to help find a solution to your problem.


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