Optimise website images- It’s an important step for effective SEO


While you plan to make your website SEO friendly, you perhaps give high importance to the textual content. However, the visual elements, like the images have also a significant role in optimisation. You need to know the art of optimising images. To attract the shoppers and the search engines, it is always essential. SEO marketing organisations know how to make your web images or photos visible to all.

Choose the right file format

Many website owners get confused while choosing format of their web images. JPEG has become a very common format, and it helps in maintaining the small size of your image file. Again, GIF can be useful if you have selected any animation for website. In most cases, the SEO marketing company recommends such format for different webpage elements and corporate logos. Another image format, supporting transparency, is PNG. The best feature of this format is that it automatically corrects all the gamma-related issues. PNG has also the ability of storing a brief image description to allow a search engines in classifying all the pictures.

 Main images must remain separate from thumbnails

Usually, the size of thumbnails needs to be small for the faster page loading speed. If they do not have the right size presently, you may resize or compress them. Thus, to have a better speed, you need to make a slight compromise the image quality. The SEO marketing agencies always use some picture editing tools online for the required adjustments.

Be careful while naming files

You have perhaps got images with a camera. It is essential to make the name of image file highly descriptive and informative. Google may easily trace them out.

Link your image for the best outcome

In most cases, images have strong power for grabbing the viewers’ attention. However, only the professional team of SEO marketing company knows the effective technique to link images. But, the direct linking of images is not acceptable. The best SEO firms like SEO Shark always apply the significant anchor texts while linking images. If it is your blog and you want to embed image, then you can link it to your business website. Title tags are also important for optimising images.

Mapping the website

It is one of the best ways for optimising the visual elements of your website. While you have presented a website layout, Google may easily locate the existing images. It will lead to a considerable improvement of your SEO results.

Alt Tags- Optimise it well

If the web browser is not able to display images, Alt tag plays a significant role. But, it can also perform its function, while the images are clearly exposed. If a viewer moves his pointer over the image, he may see the text for an alt tag. SEO marketing organisations have recognised that these tags have a wonderful value in optimising the website. With an addition of the right alt tags for online images, your site will have higher ranking.

Thus, for optimised images, you should have a consultation with SEO marketing agencies. Whether you have ecommerce portal or any simple website, only the valuable images and useful content can give you the expected outcome.


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