Microsoft Dynamics 365 And Its Benefits For Your Business


Microsoft revealed their new business applications in 2016 – the Microsoft Dynamics 365. This has always been a speculated solution to the business world and was once called, Project Madeira. This is the new addition to the Dynamic Suite and promised to deliver a new method managing different business processes and also unlock any business potential. So if you are interested to learn more about microsoft dynamics 365, then this article is for you!

What You Need To Know About MS Dynamics 365

As mentioned above, MS Dynamics 365 promised a lot of innovation not only for the business world, but also for the public sector, government, healthcare, and charity organizations. This is a cloud-based software that bundles ERP, HCM, and CRM. They work together with Power Bl to report functions in one package. This is based on Microsoft’s Azure.

Dynamics 365 will provide software and a service platform. This means that it can be accessed through a browser. There’s no more need to install them on each computer. Microsoft is not only responsible for the fixes and maintenance, but will also be accessible anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

MS Dynamics 365 – What Can It Do?

Dynamics 365 is composed of different apps that cover different business processes. It includes the management of customer relationship, logistics, financial planning, and reporting, as well as management of the human resource. All of these are combined in a single program.

Now you might wonder what makes it different from the other software? It is with its common data model that allows all these apps to share data. The Dynamics 365 applications use and unite data in order to help users have access to more business data to come up with new ideas and possible opportunities.

Dynamics 365 Applications

There are currently 8 major apps for Dynamic 365. There are more additional apps that are scheduled to be released in the future. Each of these apps has CRM and/or ERP functionality. It can be used together with other packages of apps but can definitely work on its own. The Dynamics 365 was originally delivered through one or two plans depending on what your business needs.

Later on, the apps were offered as a standalone but just broken down to smaller, modular parts instead of it being in pre-determined packages. Microsoft’s mission is to help businesses and organizations take advantage of these tools to enable them to start small and eventually build a solution as needed. Here are the 8 apps for Dynamic 365:

  • For finance and operations.
  • For business central.
  • For sales.
  • For customer service.
  • For field service.
  • For talent.
  • For retail.
  • For project service automation.
  • For marketing.

MS Dynamics 365: How Much Will It Cost You?

When it comes to Dynamics 365, there’s one name that you can trust – QUANTIQ. This is the UK’s expert in creating a seamless modern organization to boost public sector practice. MS Dynamics 365 is a service that is definitely worth investing. If you want to know how much will it cost you, visit QUANTIQ today and find out your options!

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