How to select the correct PHP framework for your Project:


The choice of PHP framework is a crucial and decisive step in the department of mobile app development. It is the preliminary step that determines the sustainability of your website and its corresponding system that handles all the data and processes involved. Here are a few tips that can help you select the correct PHP framework for your project:

The Purpose:

As discussed earlier in the earlier blogs how a mobile app could be broken down into several categories like the potential problem solver or the experience builder. Based on that your app could be further broken down into specificities which include maybe a directory, an e commerce platform, a social services website, secure payment gateways or anything that you innovation might demand. Different frameworks are optimized suit different purposes and an experienced PHP developer can help you pick the perfect one that can match your apps intention.

Choice of MCV:

MVC or Model View Controller Design Pattern is significant application in web building. The scope and choice of MVC can vary with different frameworks. Once again depending on the type of your website you might require either a  flexible MVC or a more strict one. A flexible MVC gives the developers the freedom to modify their designs in the future and a stricter one does not.

ORM Support:

Certain websites can demand a need to recreate the need for database access and that could be a burden in later stages. Use of proper frameworks ensures the reuse of database access at almost any stage of the apps operation. ORM refers to Object Relation Mapping support and helps in making programming much easier and quicker for developer.


Different frameworks have different caching mechanisms and considering the requirements the website the support of cache must be properly determined. Caching is an important factor that contributes to the performance of the web application. Based on the amount of data your web application will be processing and in what systems it will be implemented, a proper PHP framework will help you ensure a better load testing results and hence better performance.


Security test is an important part of the testing strategy and safeguides the well being of the mobile or web application for the future days to come. Frameworks also serve as a protection for web applications against threats like cross attack prevention, cross-site request forgery and cross scripting. On top of that authentication and authorization modules are covered by the choice of the framework.

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