How to Download Hill Climb Racing for PCs


Hill Climb Racing is a physics-based driving game with a devoted fan following on Android platforms. In this game, you guide Newton Bill, the driver, through a wild series of environments like the desert, the North Pole, and even the moon while you collect upgrades to improve or even completely change your vehicle. Extra stunts will get you points and fuel, while running out of gas or failing a tricky stunt will result in losing the level, or even getting your character killed. This fun as well as engaging game has developed enthusiastic fans in the mobile gaming community. The program has not been officially released for desktop computers, but with new emulator programs, you can now download it to play on your PC as well.

First, you will need to download Bluestacks, a free Android emulator that will allow you to run any mobile app on Mac OS X, Windows 7/8, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The program is available for free download at, and it should be a simple download and installation as long as your PC has up-to-date hardware. It runs on current Windows platforms as well as the Mac, and requires at least two gigabytes of RAM. You will also need to have a separate, physical Android device to purchase the apps you want; Bluestacks is only an emulator and cannot be used to acquire the games for a PC-only user.


Once you’ve downloaded and installed Bluestacks, open it up on your PC. While Bluestacks provides some default applications, you will need to use the search button in the upper left corner to search for Hill Climb Racing, just as you would search for something on your usual Internet browser. Bluestacks will search through the programs it can run. Then, simply select Hill Climb Racing when the search engine highlights it. It will give you a list of app permissions, familiar to any mobile gamer. Accept the app permissions, then just sit back and wait while Bluestacks downloads as well as installs the game on your PC for you. Clicking on it will begin the installation process, while a double-click will allow you to install it manually. This may take some time, so let the computer work for you. The online installer’s speed varies, depending on the strength of your internet connection, but an offline installer is available for download from and may provide faster installation. While Bluestacks is still in beta, it has shown no problems running most games, and “Hill Climb Racer” is no exception.

The game may give you instructions for installation, possibly requiring a restart of your system. Once your installation is complete, find and click on My Apps on the top of your Bluestacks screen. You will see the icon for “Hill Climb Racing” waiting for you and ready to play. Even the social aspect of the game carries over to PC, and you can share scores with friends as you play. Click on the game to launch it as you would any other PC program, and enjoy your driving!

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