Earn Income from Your Blog in 5 Easy Ways


Blogging has become a passion for so many people. Blogs act as a platform for people to air their ideas and opinions. You have by now used MySQL automated backups for your blog, and are currently seeking to get to the next level – make a buck out of it!

It comes to a point in time when you want to make something bigger out of what you got, and there comes the question, “how do I make money from my blog?” This question is a significant marker that you have realized your potential and are willing to push things a little further to achieve the very best in your work.

To help you answer that question, here are five amazing ways you can monetize your blog to make an income:

Advertising and affiliate marketing

Advertising can be in many forms like pop-up ads, banners on your site, promotional items, job boards, site-wide sponsorships, among others, and it happens to be the most common way to earn an income from your blog.

Affiliate marketing is an easy form of advertising where you recommend clients’ products and services to your audience for a commission.

Reach out to prospective advertisers that should ideally be appropriate to the content on your blog and pitch your idea to advertise them.


If you are looking to make money, you definitely have a couple of services at the tip of your fingers you can offer your readers.

Figure out what kinds of services you can offer, so that as they are consuming your content, they can further subscribe to more from you, for example consulting, coaching, freelancing, copywriting, designing, among others. This also keeps your readers expectant for more.


Products are yet another way to make your blog not only more exciting and captivating but also earn you some income. Products, different from services, offer your readers with tangible items to relate to your content.

Discover products you can sell, both for yourself and for clients. Try a variety of options like selling eBooks, online courses, and merchandise like t-shirts.

Introduce giveaways when pushing products to sell. Your blog is more likely to attract more readership upon presenting products for sale.


This may appear like a cheesy way to earn from your blog, but it remains a viable and workable option.

Depending on the type of content you create, you can accept donations to fund your campaigns as your call to action.

Events and activities

Set up events and activities for your audience, ranging from campaigns, book reviews, activations, workshops, live events, interviews, and so much more. You can also consider holding affiliate events with advertisers.

Whatever route you choose to take for your blog, making money from what you love doing is the most fantastic feeling this world can offer. So if you were thinking of getting a side job to sustain your livelihood, you don’t have to anymore. Pick any of the 5 mentioned and get back to doing what you love the most.

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