Check Out The Features Of The Walkera Furious 215 Quadcopter


The walkera furious 215 is one of the latest model quadcopters and it is designed by the F3 controller of flight with the response speed. This model flight provides the first class experience to the user. You can easily replace or upgrade the entire components of the device.  The design of the airframe is simple, modern and lightweight with the structure of rugged crash. The body of Walkera Furious 215 made of the high resistance carbon fiber material and is equipped with the brushless motor.

Features of the walkera racing drone 

Airframe design

It is equipped with the powerful dynamic system that allows the user to achieve the great flight experience. The latest airframe design ready to fly furiously more than two hundred racers at the 215-millimeter wheelbase so it is perfectly suitable for the thrilling flying and professional racing event. The quadcopter equipped with the light weight body, extreme openness, robust structure, latest and unique airframe design that allow the user to the upgrade the components. The arms thickness will be four millimeter that enables the flight crash resistant and strong.

Center of gravity

The airframe comes with the high-quality battery on the top of the device, stable flight and smooth. The freestyle of the quadcopter accessible compact the gadget design helps to save the space by eliminating the unwanted wiring airframe center of the gravity by the reducing the surface of battery fitting. The high strength carbon fiber used to manufacture the airframe that is supported by the metal post make the rash proof and robust aircraft.


The walkera racing drone camera is protected with the carbon fiber at its head. It comes with the consolidated metal post and three screws at the top and bottom of the camera that can disperse the impacts.  It comes with the sports camera at the huge number of the leading brands such as Runcam, GoPro hero4, Xiaoyi, GoPro hero5 session and others. The camera mount offer with the tightening straps at the different direction.

Motor guard

The flight is designed with the buffer bracket, safety guard, and brushless motor. These features can stand the reliability test and quality assurance. The resistance and robustness to wear highlight of the quadcopter quality and safety assurance. The component of the triangle aluminum is used to fix the airframes that help to improve the strength of the airframe.

Power distribution board

The flight is equipped with the power distribution board and it is shaped in the line to perfectly fit with the bottom plate.  The output of the electric speed controller extends to the arms and shortening the welding wire distance. The redundancy design is highlighted at the bottom plate tail and it allows the video transmission antenna without suffering from the powerful impacts.

Imaging system

The device comes with the high reduction, beautifully colored camera and dynamicity that allow you to capture video or photo under the surrounding of black light or low light environment.

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