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As the prices of oil face a rapid downfall in Dubai and in all over the Middle East, tech innovations started to sprout up at a much faster pace. The competition in the region doubles as more and more professionalism begin contributing their masterpiece to the market. Now to stay well paves in such a competitive landscape, experts started searching smart ways to get their project completed. One such way in the industry of mobile app development in Dubai is to use smart and efficient app development tools. So, here is the list of top development tools of 2018, read on!

Alpha Software

Alpha Software is a comprehensive coding tool offering a complete no and low code set of tools for efficient development. You can use the tool for producing effective hybrid apps. The software is rated as one of the finest software for advanced app development. It is easy to integrate with data and records present in the database. The intelligent synchronization makes it prurient enough to develop pixel-perfect mobile applications. The professionalism coding technology present in the software makes it efficient enough to provide the high-end user experience.


Caprica Inc. is a company that was formed with the aim to transfer all the desktop and web-based app into a mobile friendly application. They used high tech tools and techniques to develop apps that can survive on the advanced platforms. However, as the time moves ahead the company improvised and improved their services they begin working on mobilizing app approval process. Through a drag and drop interface, the experts wring at the company designed and developed apps that make their work quicker. The platform is robust enough to create browser-based font along with unified process through which a number of apps can integrate together.

PowWow Mobile

PowWow Mobile is a highly advanced platform that analyzes, develop, assist and build cross-platform apps. The software has many tools that can assist developers in producing an efficient app. The patented transformation process available on the server help beginners and pro developers to fetch data stored on any server and build an app they want easily and conveniently. Whether you want to develop a hybrid app, micros app or a mashup app combing data of multiple resources, the PowWow Mobile is a platform to choose. The software can fill you up with an incredible range of solutions along with helping to produce a competitive and highly secured app through its proficient tools.


Sapho Inc. is a professional portal that facilitates its users with high-end functionality tools and assistance to help users know the requirements to get their job done. There are some micro apps developed the IT experts which deliver a range of advanced services. These services include development and coding of backend applications for storing data for enterprise mobility management.


ServiceNow is a company that offers multiple services related to information technology including service management, business management, and operation management. In 2017, the company integrated with SkyGiraffe to offer its users a more comprehensive set of IT services in the field of app development. Hence, the platform now serves a complete no code development for hybrid mobile apps. You can build cross platforms for IOS, Android and Windows 10. It efficient integration system help developers fetch data from multiple servers and to produce an application that can depict a high level of professionalism.

To Wrap Up

App development has no doubt enhanced to a great scale. You must make use of the very tool and modern software in order to produce an unmatchable and unbeatable application.

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