Are You Going on a Long Vacation this Summer?


During summer time, it is very common that most of the families plan to travel to distant location for a long vacation. During summer months most of the schools and colleges are also closed and hence it is the right time to travel with family to enjoy vacation.

However, while you are absent from your house, you need to make proper arrangement in the house so that you do not end up consuming your electricity for no good reason. In addition to that you need to take care of few more things particularly about your air conditioners and other electrical appliances that are installed at your household.

Following are few necessary things that you must do before proceeding for your vacation.

  • Clean the air filters

Usually, the dust around the environment gets settled in the air filer of your air conditioner that can reduce the efficiency of cooling. Therefore, you must either clean or change this filter. It will be much better if you schedule your annual maintenance of your air conditioner at this time, so that when you return from your vacation the air conditioner runs smoothly. Air filter of Lloyd air conditioner is pretty easy to take out from your window air conditioner.

  • Switch off all your electrical and electronic appliances

When you are away for vacation, the electrical appliances need not run. If they remain switched on then it will unnecessarily consume electricity and you have to pay fat amount of bill for no good reason. Therefore, it is important to switch off all this equipment. However, you may consider to keep your refrigerator on if you want some food stuff to remain preserved. Otherwise it is preferable to switch it off too.

  • Temperature controller

If you have installed any temperature controller in your house then perhaps you may like to keep it on so that when you come back from vacation, you do not find your room too stuffy. However, if that is not an issue then you can switch it off too.

Whether should you turn off your AC?

Many of you must have installed Daikin AC at home. If you are planning to travel to any hill station during summer months then you will be used to comfortable temperature in those places. After you return from your vacation, you will be too tired and during such time if your AC is also switched off for long time then you will feel that your house has become virtual oven.

Besides maintaining the temperature of the room, the air conditioner also maintains proper humidity level inside the room. Some part of the country is quite humid and during summer months that can add to further misery. Also because of humidity present in the room during your long absence, there can be following few problems:

  • Cracking of plaster
  • Mould formation
  • Swelling doors
  • Buckling wooden floors

Therefore, you must set the temperature of the air conditioner to such a level that it consumes minimum amount of electrical energy and at the same time, the environment inside the room remains at a comfortable level.

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