Reasons You Must Get Free Security Suite from Your Internet Provider


Why We Need Security Software?

Everybody of us uses the laptop and PC for hours on a daily basis without any fear. But have you thought about that how much your device is open to viruses? If not, then the answer is extremely crucial to be known. As the internet is accessible for everyone, there are many digital hazards attached to it, e.g., privacy breach and malware attack. People from unauthorized resources can harm the users’ devices in different ways. So regardless of how carefully you use your PC, it’s still a possibility to get the virus as you cannot check every batch file located on your PC. Therefore, it’s essential for users to get an advanced security suite which takes care of all these matters.

Our obsession with the internet boosts up billion-dollar internet service industry. So there is no hesitation to get the internet package which is capable of handling the security threats.  The security suite is essential for us in many ways.

In the US, some providers offer the security suite for free while others offer at a cost. Here we will discuss some reasons that why should you get the security suite from the provider.

You Pay A Lot to Provider:

The ongoing increase in the internet usage profits the Internet provider companies with billion dollars so having benefited from the customers; it’s a responsibility of the ISPs to provide comprehensive security software.

Your Devices are at Risk:

As the internet is an open platform, it means any person or software can attack your devices. If the user does not have an anti-malware program, his/her portable devices will be at significant risk of threat. So, anti-virus software is compulsory along with the internet connection.

To Enjoy Safe Internet Browsing:

Using the internet devices brings many unwanted activities. Connected systems can get the malware content through various means like email, website ads, and third-party programs. Internet security suite is the solution for all such hazards. If you want to enjoy the smooth and safe web browsing, getting the online security solution is a must-to-do thing.

Data Leakage is Common:

These days, hackers can try to breach your essential data like family pictures, legal documents, and shared content, etc.   Only an advanced security system can prevent this from happening.

We will discuss the provider which offers FREE security suite to its customers.

Charter FREE Security Suite:

Charter Spectrum offers the internet service through the cable. It has taken care of all requirements of its customers. If we look in the context of internet security, Charter has its accomplishment well-deserved. It offers the FREE security suite with all of the Spectrum Packages.

This advanced system has the following features:

  • It is compatible both for Windows and Mac OS.
  • The suite covers ten devices at a time without additional cost.
  • Real-Time protection against malware with advanced features
  • Automatic security updates through cloud-based technology.
  • Auto scanning of the system in the background
  • Provides secure browsing
  • Parental Control is available in the setting for kids’ safety

Spectrum Internet Packages:

Charter has customized the internet plans according to the users’ requirements. Here’s a look to the packages.

  1. Internet:

This offer provides 100 Mbps download, and 10 Mbps upload speed. It is four times faster than other providers.

  1. Ultra Internet:

This package gives 300 Mbps download, and 20 Mbps upload speed. It is 16 times faster than other providers.

  1. Gig internet:

Spectrum new Gig internet offers Giga Speed (940 Mbps) for downloading and 35 Mbps upload speed. It is 35 times faster than the internet provided by the other providers.

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