Common Mistake People Commit When Buying A TV Set


Buying a television set needs maximum precision and alertness. A television if not an item that you will buy today and dispose of tomorrow. You should not make any mistake that you will regret in the future. To helps you make the right decision, below are some of the mistake you should void making.

Buying a Thinner TV for the Best Picture Quality

It is not the width of a television that determines the overall picture quality, the main reason why one television may display quality pictures than another is the screen resolution. This mainly comprises of the pixels making a square centimeter of the screen. Therefore, it is important to note that the thinness has no positive effect on the picture quality. Basically, this is one of the many misconceptions about flat screen TVs.

Not Getting the Right Features

Have you ever ordered a crust pizza in a hotel only to find that they offer your best pieces of lean meat? It feels awkward and you may even return the pizza for the lean meat. You cannot do the same with a television set, especially having bought the set from a retailer with poor customer service. There is a high likelihood that the seller will not even listen to your plea to exchange the television for another. All Samsung, Sony and LG television sets are fitted with features that make then conform to the needs of the modern customer. Save yourself from such situations by checking all the features you require before getting out the retail store.

Getting the Wrong Size Set

The best size of a television set should match with the size of your living room. Moreover, it should conform to the size of existing furniture designed to hold it into place. The common eye-to-TV distance is 9 feet. A television of the right size should display visible and quality pictures from an average 9 feet away. Choosing a small TV is a mistake that you cannot even cope with for a day. The TV will appear small within the first minute of being on.

Buying an Expressive Extended Warranty

This mistake always takes the best of our financial capacity. Most of us buy TVs which have extended warranty periods oblivious of the cost most cases, this translates to an additional 10 to 25 percent on the price of the television set. At CompareRaja, you will find a variety of the best models with any kind of warranty periods. You are given the liberty to choose the period you want for the money you have.

Picking an LED TV Citing a Guaranteed Clarity of Pictures

The latest TV models are the LED HD TVs. Many people believe that they have the best picture displays. On the contrary, there are LCD TVs with high-quality pictures. In addition, they are cheaper than LED HD TVs. This means buying the LED HD TVs will cost you more for no justifiable reason.


Buying the right television set doesn’t have to be a hard endeavor. Just know the mistakes committed by most buyers and completely avoid them. Otherwise, you will never want to watch the television because it will always be a reminder of the blunder you committed.

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