How Does Technology Help our Environment? Read This!


There are various schools of thought when it comes to the topic of how to save our environment from the increasing threat of climate change. Some people believe that with enough technological innovation and economic development, we will figure out a way to solve these environmental problems. Another majority of people also believe that we need to learn from nature and encourage only environmentally sustainable economic practices. Either way, the answer may be found in between the two extremes.

Technology and the environment may be more closely linked than a lot of people think. The technological innovations in our digital age have the potential to harm our environment. However, if we use them wisely and develop sustainable innovations, it may have the potential to develop our planet.

Renewable Energy

Some of the most well-known and recognized eco-friendly tech advancements in recent years have been centered on the clean energy sector, and they have become much more widespread and cheaper. Technology is also advancing as well with improvements that made more renewables more efficient. For example, products like Tesla’s solar panels, which look just regular roofing tiles, have made them more accessible to customers.

Going Digital

Major businesses, as well as individuals, are using way less paper compared in the past. This is thanks to computers, smartphones and cloud storage. Companies now are sending bills, newsletter and other communications over email rather than regular mail. Files are also stored in the cloud, which is more accessible from anywhere rather than hard filing cabinets. Also, people manage their schedules using their smartphones rather than physical notepads and calendars.

Electric Cars

Although ridesharing companies enable us to use fewer vehicles, those vehicles are also becoming more sustainable. The number of electric cars that are currently in use has risen consistently over the past few years. Hybrid vehicles being the most common type of electric car. Another good news is that the prices of electric cars are dropping as well, due to technical improvements in the costs of the batteries needed to run them. Many experts believe that they will be cheaper to own compared to traditional vehicles by 2022. Know more about electric cars and vehicles, visit or

The Sharing Economy

Another recent development is the sharing economy, it reduces our environmental impact by enabling individuals to purchase less and use fewer materials. There are companies like Uber which are making it easier to get around without owning a car. Homeowners and travelers also take advantage of spaces that are not being used in apps like Airbnb. It consolidates the area and resources needed to travel. DVD rentals are also reduced because of services like Netflix, so people are leaning more towards online streaming. This reduces the need for postage, transporting the items and creating physical copies of movies.



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