You Need To Know About Security Plus Training


Everything You Need To Know About Security Plus Training

The CompTIA or Computing Technology Industry Association issues many professional certifications that are meant for IT or Information Technology industry and professionals. The not-for-profit organization issues these professional certifications in more than 120 countries of the world. The Comp TIA Security+ training and certification are an entry-level professional certification that has been accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) in the year 2008. Some of the fundamental subject areas covered by this course include:

  • Identification of security-related fundamentals
  • Risk analysis
  • Identification of kinds of security threats (including physical and wireless networks, software, Malware, and other threats)
  • Implementation of security for cloud/host/mobile devices /software etc
  • Identification  and risk management
  • Cryptography
  • Operational security
  • Others

Exam details

If you want to gain greater skills in network and IT security and want to get a job promotion or an instant job offer, you can opt Comp security+ course and certification. The duration of the course is five days only and there are 90 questions that the candidates would be facing in the exam. These questions are performance-based and multiple choice, and the length of the test is 90 minutes. You can get ample training and ability in all subject areas by joining an instructor-led CompTIA training program.

How to prepare for the exam?

You can join a leading IT education institution online or offline. The instructor-led training is good when you cannot physically attend the course at a place. You can also opt for the Security+ training that is being imparted at the center near you. You will be getting all the course content and materials and will get and hands-on experience in the various course subject areas. You would be interacting with your class teachers and instructors. The students would be gaining many more skills that will help them in their profession and give them returns in the form of higher salary.


The CompTIA Security+ certification is valid only for 3 years. This means that post 3 years you will have to undertake another exam to show that you have upgraded your skills and knowledge and your certification is fit for renewal.

Benefits of CompTIA Security+ certification

  • This is the only basic and entry-level security+ course and exam that has questions which are entirely based on candidates performance.
  • The certification exam emphasizes heavily on hands-on training and gaining of practical skills.
  • Those with CompTIA security plus certification can handle many issues and problems related to them.
  • The certification is best for those who need DoD 8570 compliance

The CompTIA security plus certification is constantly upgraded and has the latest techniques and trends that relate to management of risk. The CompTIA certification also deals with threat management, risk mitigation, and detection of intrusion. It can bring greater ability and help you strengthen your job place.

Hence we can say it is a single job certification that helps you get jobs including Network Administrator, Systems Administrator, Security Administrator, Penetration Tester, and Junior IT Auditor among others.



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