Top Ten Uses For Your Old Printer


Playroom Prop

If you,re lucky enough to have kids you l know that they love role-playing games, and they all want to imitate Mum and Dad. Re-create an office atmosphere for them to play in with a few old bits and pieces and have your printer take pride of place. However, if they start drinking too much coffee or shouting obscenities into their toy phone it might be time to dismantle the operation.

Find an Electronic Recycling Schemea
Many electronics outlets will recycle your old equipment for free; all you have to do is take your printer to them. Recycling helps to save natural resources and reduces the effect of man-made toxins on the environment which in turn; will help to prevent the contamination of soil and water.

Storage Safe

If you remove the inner workings of a large printer you are left with a hollow space which can serve as a great incognito storage space. If its big enough you can even use it to hide your other halfs birthday/Christmas presents if theyre the type to try and hunt them down prematurely.


For those into steam punk and tech sculptures, your defunct printer is a great source of weird looking parts and components that with the right creative influence can be crafted into something rather impressive. Remember its probably a good idea to disconnect your printer from the mains before attempting to dismantle it.

Make Some Cash

By listing your old electronics on auction sites such as eBay even just for spare parts you can get a little bit of money back. With the cost of ink these days its the least your printer can do.

Plant Pot

Again, with the hollowing out technique youve got a weird and wonderful space-age plant pot for indoor or outdoor use.


If youve got a stack of stuff that you need to put somewhere, you might consider piling said stack of stuff on top of useless printer. With time you may even forget that you even have an old printer underneath that pile of miscellaneous matter.


You could always consider simply giving your printer away. This can be cleverly orchestrated so someone else comes to pick it up, negating any need to drive tens of hundreds of miles to drop it into the nearest ravine. You never know, someone else might even be able to get the damn thing working properly.


Pretty self explanatory; position your useless printer to prop doors open in your house. It may be questionable in terms of health and safety, but your doors will stay open.

Stepping Stool

If you need to get hold of something ever so slightly out of your reach; step up on top of your printer (obviously only if its of the stable breeze block variety) and that extra foot or so will help to propel you upwards for all your reaching needs.

If you have any ideas for the alternative uses of frustrating electronics, feel free to share in the comment box below.

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