Top Streaming Platforms on Android for Entertainment Lovers


Many people feel lonely and really dull at times. Well, it is true that the competition is too much, you have a lot of tasks on your plate most of the times and there is hardly any relaxation. If you feel that you can get relaxed after watching some movies, series and shows then you should check out the online platforms that get you endless variety in entertainment.

Being an android user, you have myriad of good options in platforms that get you many videos, movies, series and much more. A few of the most popular and adored streaming applications are like:


This is an adored and popular streaming service that is available with quite a rich gathering of well-known shows, series, amazing movies of all times, different documentaries and even, Netflix original shows. You can comfortably walk through the films or content from titles and the collection is increasingly expanding as fresh episodes are uploaded as they get aired. Netflix is run on all types of the platforms so you can comfortably watch it on any of the gadgets. You can begin to watch it on a device and then resume watching on another of your devices. Moreover you can even pay your concentration towards the rating of the shows, series and movies too. You can also give the rating to the stuff you stream.  In this way you can get access to different genre, categories and types of movies and series.  Even if you are a visually challenged person, you can make the most of the ‘Audio Descriptive’ (AD) feature of this application.  It is available with many movies and Netflix originals.

Amazon Prime

Do you think that you have a great flair for movies, series and documentaries? Then this is another amazing platform for you to experience endless entertainment. You can explore and experience so much of richness. Thereis extensive range of programs and television shows out there. The amazing thing is that Amazon Prime supports multiple languages and hence you get the content of different languages. Of course, you have to take a yearly subscription for this platform but that is nothing in front of the abundance of content it provides to you.


This is another amazing platform that has so many talks stored for you. This platform will make sure that you get to learn and know about many people who have done amazing things in their lives. If you think that ideas, interesting actions and talks interest you then this is your platform. It is beyond countries and gets you the speakers from different corners of the world.  No matter laughter, Science, creativity, violence, movies, music, pets or anything else; you can get almost every genre and topic covered!


Thus, these entertainment oriented applications have to be on your android device if you don’t already have them! You can do 9apps install and this third party plays tore is going to give you a rich and exciting experience. The play store gets you applications free of cost!

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