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HD TV trumps everything else when it comes to providing a seamless, rich TV viewing experience. We explain how it works and why getting a DTH connection is better for you.

If TV connections were film characters, HD TV would be James Bond. Its stylish grace and efficiency certainly qualify it to play 007! If you are still stuck with an old cable TV network, it is high time you switched to a new DTH connection.

You might wonder if there is really any advantage in getting a DTH connection. It is a given that once you try HD TV with DTH, you will wonder why you never tried it before.

Why HD TV is always better

For starters, it is important to understand how HD TV works.

DTH connections are more ‘efficient’ in terms of transmitting signals, because the information is sent in data packets, instead of the large band that analog signals use. Thus, the images are transmitted in an easier manner. This feature also frees up the broadcast spectrum to be used for other purposes.

Secondly, the DTH connection uses the same bandwidth that analog signals do, but its transmission rate is much higher. Thus, the resultant output is vastly improved across all touchpoints, from sound and picture quality, to fluidity in images and better colour output. More to the point, many DTH connections are designed such that you can connect many input devices together.

Broadly, these are the benefits of having HD TV:

  • Much better picture and sound quality than analog TV provides, i.e. through your usual cable connection
  • Greater clarity along the screen edges and centre, so the images are not fuzzy and are much sharper along your cone of vision. The frame rate for HD TV is 50 to 60 per second, which is much faster than that of analog TV.
  • Less to zero signal interference when you take the DTH connection from a leading provider like Airtel
  • HD TV uses the ‘pillar box functionality’, i.e. the feature which uses a 16:9 widescreen format to show films in stunning reality and depth. You can still view older films and TV shows presented in a 4:3 format ratio by zooming the screen to reframe it to the 16:9 aspect ratio. Legacy TV shows shot on 35 mm film look exactly the same on a DTH connection.
  • You can easily buy an HD TV-ready set. You only need to contact the DTH connection provider, and they will fix the set top box and dish TV, as also set up the system for you. The installation is quick and easy, and you only have to handle one universal remote control for both the TV set and the set top box.

Contact a leading DTH provider like Airtel to know more about their monthly plans, channel packs and installation costs.

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