The Legends of Toy Industry


The toy industry is the biggest industry of market. Here in the toy industry, we can find many companies who are working and who are offering best toys. Although the toy market is filled up with many toy companies but having large in number doesn’t mean the quality compromise. There are many factors which you should not ignore about toys. To look for the best toy from a good company can be easier if you know about the companies. Some best toy companies who are termed as the legends of toy industry as given below:

Fisher Price

This is one of the most sounding companies who are working in the toy industry since 1930. Since then it has developed and manufactured many toys which are different in type. If you will look at the types of toys then they are large in number. They have introduced more than 5000 different type of toys and products. They have introduced many shapes and many characters in toy form. They have also introduced the Disney land, Bob the builder, think and learn and many other type of toys. Therefore they are best and they are perfect. This company was owned by Mattel group in 1994 and since then working along with their supervision and collaboration.


This company was started in 1947 as a manufacturing toy company. But before that in 1932 a carpenter started making the wooden toys and then in 1934, they called it lego. By the time this company spread and they are offering the different type of toys. Their main focus is the toys which are based on the blocks. They are the legend in such type of toys. They are offering various types of blocks which can be joined together to form a robot, a house, or any other thing. These toys can be again separated to form a new thing. They are also offering RC Quadcopters, cars, boats and almost all type of toys.


It is the second biggest company after the Mattel group. This company came into existence in 1923 and by that time they have performed well. They are known as to be the legends because they have created the G.I.Joe, Barbie Dolls and many other toys. They have beaten many companies like Playskool, Backflip families, Discovery Family etc.

If you want to have the toy like JJRC H31 then you must follow any of the aforementioned company or else you cannot get the best toy for your kid. You have to look for the market to find the best company.

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